Sunday, December 7, 2014

Nostalgic Ornaments

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed the "getting close to Christmas" weekend!  I put the finishing touches on our main Christmas tree yesterday.  For this tree, I don't have a theme or a look or a style. I suppose you could call it nostalgic.  

It is filled with the sweet and precious ornaments our family was acquired over the years.

This cute kitty  peeking out of a basket is a favorite.....

The reindeer came from McDonald's, circa 1976! (I was still in high school!!!)

Mr. Bluebird's favorite.  A gift from one of my sisters-in-law, many years ago!

This is a cute idea made by the mom of a classmate of my daughter when they were in elementary school.  Just a plastic spoon and some other bits glued on to make an angel.  The fun part is, the back of the spoon had a Tootsie Roll Pop attached to it when they gave these away to all of their classmates.  Too cute!

Any ornament that says "mom" on it is okay in my book! Also, the most precious and beautiful ornaments on our tree are the ones made by the little fingers of our daughter when she was a little girl.  The puzzle piece ornament was a Christmas craft done with her Girl Scout troop.

And......any ornament with "dad" on it is also okay in my book, too -  lol! Of course, a cute Big Bird in a nest is also worthy of a distinctive spot on the Bluebird tree.

Love this little wooden snowman....made by someone who once designed and sold items to Gooseberry Patch. They only sell cookbooks now, but I remember when they had all kinds of great merchandise! Any of you remember those days?

A tattered felt stocking from Walgreens, holding a picture of our daughter in her Christmas Eve pj's.  In the distance, you can see a sweet "It's A Girl" ornament.

A mini Barbie case.....I am pretty sure I had the real deal growing up!

This ornament came from a very special friend in the late 80's.  Do any of you remember the Kitty Cucumber line?  I loved that silly little cat!

Santa coat - reminiscent of a dance costume my daughter once wore!

A now politically incorrect ornament made from a metal McDonald's ashtray! My daughter made it in kindergarten.  Love this!

One of my most special ornaments, picked out with a friend back in our high school days.  Every year ,hanging it on the tree, I feel like I am sixteen again.

This silly guy, Looney Tunes' Yosemite Sam, reminds of the summer I played him at Great America in Gurnee Illinois!

A headless gingerbread man....another precious ornament made by my daughter way back when.

A juice can lid turned ornament, also by our daughter years ago.

To some...a crumpled piece of foil with a blob of blue glue on it.  To me, one of the most beautiful ornaments I own.

Just a glimpse of the show stopping tree in our living room! While I love all the themed trees, the perfectly planned and primped trees, I don't think I could ever change the way I decorate this tree in our home.  The stories, the just feels right to open those precious bits and baubles each year and put them in a prideful, loving place.  Yes, I am a sentimentalist and my mash up of a Christmas tree fits me perfectly!!!

How about you? Do you do a theme tree or do you decorate with a collected over time look?

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  1. Jane- What a wonderful, fun family tree of memories. When we moved a few years ago I put all my ornaments out and let the kids go through one after the other and choose ornaments to start their family trees with (that was after they had picked out all their "my own" ornaments and ones that had been gifted to them over the years. It is fun for me to go to their homes now and see our family ornaments on their trees. I never thought I would give them over-but the joy of the kids makes up for it. So--this year I will have a bulbs and lights tree. xo Diana

  2. I love it all!!!! I do keep and display all my sentimental ornaments since they are irreplaceable in my heart just like you! Love the crumpled foil, made me laugh and the spoon too!

  3. Jane,
    You have such a wonderful collection of ornaments. Thanks for sharing at my party.


  4. Hi Janie! I've figured out how to post on yours finally. Love the ornaments.

  5. I love your tree is it fun to find funky and fun ornaments my boys and I always try to add new ones every year and last year I found a marcell marceaux cat so cute thanks for sharing visiting from party in your pj's

  6. I love nostalgic ornaments, and you sure have some cute ones, Jane! They really make a Christmas tree special with all of their sweet memories.
    Thank you so much for visiting,
    Mary Alice

  7. What a precious tree with such sentiment. Merry Christmas!