Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Let the Cabinet Painting Begin!

Early yesterday, the painters started transforming our golden oak cabinets into (hopefully) beautiful off white cabinetry. It will take them through Friday to complete the job.


With two coats of primer:

The painters will finish on Friday, but I won't be re-loading the kitchen until next week - to give the paint the chance to cure.

Looking forward to sharing the end result soon!

Wishing you happiness,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting Closer to Done!

Hi everyone! Just a quick glimpse of the progress on our first floor remodel.  Yes, I painted my walls a deep burgandy - I am in love! Out of the current color stratosphere I know, but I guess I am a rebel.  My Pottery Barn Allessandra gold panels really pop now.

We picked up this awesome light fixture at Lowe's a few weeks ago - it has a industrial, yet farmhouse style.  It can be used as a pot rack, but I am looking forward to dressing it up for fall and Christmas.  Mr. Bluebird brought me home the beautiful bouquet of flowers yesterday to celebrate his first day of going back to his health club to work out since his back surgery in June.

 A night time shot of my coffee table - just a little fall.  With all the remodeling mess, seasonal decor has been a no-show around here.  But watch out Christmas! It is going to be an extravaganza! (Even bought a new faux tree today at Menards)
All of the floors on the main level were installed last week, so our living room is basically done (waiting on a rug I've ordered to come in).  After recovering from pneumonia and also having the first floor ripped apart since Labor Day, hubby and I are planning a pizza/tv night tonight, along with the scent of some yummy, cozy, comforting candles.

Next week our kitchen cabinets are being professionally painted (Ben Moore Subtle), and that should do it for awhile. Time to put everything back & make it pretty. Can't wait to show you all we have done! So many changes!

While the painters paint next week, I will be upstairs painting our master bedroom - found a fab deal on bedding which has sent me in to further re-do mode.  Ha ha! It never ends, does it?

Thanks for stopping by!
Wishing you happiness,

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Monday, October 15, 2012

American Pickers & a Preview

Have you all seen the show "American Pickers" on the History Channel?  Well, I am proud to say that one of their guest lives just down the road from me.  Hippie Tom owns an awesome old farm named "Serendipity" which he has filled with tons of antiques, salvage, vintage, and all around junk.


Check out this pick up truck overflowing with treasures........

In addition to the farm house and a big old barn, Tom has moved many small outbuildings to his farm and restored them, filling them up with art, antiques, and junque!  It is fun to poke around and just experience Serendipity Farm - no purchase required!  He only opens a few weeks a year, and his sales are a must see! Live music, great food, and surprises galore.

Tom had his big fall sale this weekend, but sadly it was cold and rainy! I was driving by on my way home from WalMart and snapped a picture of the many hardy souls who decided to brave the elements.  I opted for the indoor life this weekend, so I am sad I had to miss it.
Hippie Tom is just the neatest, down to earth kinda guy.  He used to attend my parent's antique auctions when I was a teenager and bought many a treasure from my dad.  My dad is no longer with us, but he would be thrilled at the success Tom has had and his notoriety from American Pickers. My dad was definitely an "american picker" long before it was cool!

The first floor remodel has been chugging along - granite is in, most of the lighting is installed, tweaks to the cabinetry continue, and the floors are being installed as of this writing, and cabinet painters will be here the last week of October. Woo hoo!  The mess is overwhelming, but in a few short weeks it will be done!

Mr. Bluebird added beadboard behind one section of cabinetry - the rest of the kitchen has a stone backsplash. I previously had the wallpaper beadboard, but we decided to go with a more permanent solution.

Hmmmm, this doesn't look like white, or icy blue, or gray, or greige now does it?  Wonder where this will turn up.  You will have to wait & see!

Glad to be back blogging again after a ridiculously long bout with pneumonia! Feeling great now, so you should be hearing from me more often!

Wishing you happiness,

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