Monday, December 31, 2012

New on New Year's Eve

This afternoon, our one & only headed back to college to spend New Year's Eve with her friends.  Always sad to see her go, so I thought a little retail therapy was in order.  We had a delightful lunch first at our favorite Mexican restaurant, said our goodbyes, and I b-lined it to the best antique mall in all of Wisconsin!

During the holidays, I noticed a lot of cute, vintage toys used in vignettes & such.  Growing up, my dad was a postal carrier so this wooden, green mailbox had to come home with me! I am going to pack it up and save it for next holiday season.  It will be fun to use in our house!

I also found an old butter crock with 6 cents printed on it.  Thought it was kind of fun since our wedding anniversary is on March 6th (oh so sentinmental - and Mr. Bluebird will approve of this purchase!).  It has been added to my crockery collection in the kitchen.

The mailbox was originally a shape toy and all the wooden blocks came with it.  The wear & tear around the shape openings and on the edges show this piece gave some child alot of enjoyment! Love that!

Here is my new crock, alongside anothe butter crock I have.  They sit behind the new glass I had installed when we re-did our kitchen.  That post will be coming soon with lots of befores/afters and product info.

So, those are my two little finds for today - the last of 2012! Tonight we are laying low. Ordering pizza in, watching an episode of Vegas that we missed a few weeks back, and taking it easy. (wild, crazy party animals are we!) Are you up to anything special today or tonight?

Wishing you & yours a wonderful, safe New Year's Eve and a terrific New Year with lots of happiness,


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