Saturday, May 10, 2014

This n' That

Hi everyone!

I have been horribly neglectful of my humble little blog - thanks to those who have hung in there with me and for your kind comments and emails wondering where the heck I've been!!!!  I have also not been around to visit you all - I miss that terribly. Nothing wrong here on this end really, just hit a busy patch and I've had to let the blog go a little bit.   But, I am back today for a short moment to give you a bit of this n' that.

In April, Mr. Bluebird and our daughter piled in the car and headed to Branson, Mo for a few days of fun in the sun during spring break.  We were blessed with eighty degree weather - which was beyond a delight, considering the lingering winter and non-existent spring we have had in Wisconsin this year.  We had an absolute blast - relaxing, shopping, golfing, going to shows, eating, drinking, etc., etc.  Love Branson!!! While this is the first time our daughter came along, Mr. Bluebird and I have gone there for spring break for the last three years.  We are thinking of going elsewhere next year, but geez, the prices for lodging & shows are ridiculously cheap and it is only a nine hour drive from home.  We may be thinking on that decision.

In the meantime, when in Branson I always pick up a quilt because they have many quilt shops there and again, the prices are spectacular! S.p.e.c.t.a.c.u.l.a.r.  About half the price you would pay via catalog or online for the exact same quilts.  Now, let me say that these are mass produced/partially handsewn quilts - not heirloom quality by any means.  But they are perfect for me!

This year, I picked up two pillow shams and a throw. The throws are perfect for the end of queen size bed and are a big money saver over a twin, full, or queen quilt.  Last year I picked one up that was black & cream for our guest room. This year's pick is a little more country than I decorate during most of the year, but I plan on using these come fall/winter to add some coziness to the master. 

We also stopped at a wonderful antique mall in Branson, Picker's Antique Mall. What a great place - we had never been there before, but whoa! I want to go back TODAY!!!!

I picked up this chipped, cream & green basin while we were there.  Love the chippiness of it all!

I also really like the oval shape/

Look at the wear by the handles.  My husband said we could afford to buy a new one.....obviously, he doesn't get it! Lol!!!

It is currently sitting on our kitchen table holding a big ol' green plant.  I will need to snap a picture of that soon, before it gets moved!!!

Back in Wisconsin, I found this old egg crate at one of my favorite antique shops, Waukesha Antique Mall.  It was one of those things that I passed up on Friday, and couldn't stop thinking about - so I went back Monday, thankful it was still there.  A little pricy, but I just loved the color and the graphics.  They are a bit hard to read, but I'm okay with that.  It is an awesome piece!

The wood was very dry, and since I want to use it in our powder room, I got out my trusty Johnson's Paste Wax (manufactured just 30 miles from us!), and restored the wood and protected the surface.

Here's a look at one of the side where more of the graphic is worn off and before waxing.  Luckily, the other sides are in better shape, so this one will have to have its back to the wall!

I am planning on rolling up extra towels and placing them inside.  I have to go on a shopping trip to pick up some of those, as the ones I currently have are not as "fluffy" as I would like, lol!

And that concludes my little this n' that post!  Hope to have something more substantial soon for you all. 

In the meantime, happy mother's day to you!   Hope you are filled with love!!!!

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