Saturday, January 21, 2017

At Your Service

Hi everyone!

For awhile now, I have been hankering for a service counter in my kitchen.  I had a buffet and china combo for awhile, but it was black and very, very heavy looking It also was of no use for serving during parties and such. I sold it to a friend a year or so ago and lived with a few "make-do" alternatives since then.

Mr. Bluebird and I love to entertain and often host buffet style parties.  There never seemed enough room for all of the plates, utensils, desserts, slow cookers, etc. - let alone making it all look pretty!  (With my cooking skills, it is important for it all to look pretty - no guarantee how it is going to taste, lol)

I did A LOT of searching for ideas - adding cabinets to match our existing to form a serving bar with storage and free-standing servers.  It was kind of a Goldilocks situation for a long, long time - too big, too small, wrong style, wrong finish and the list went on.    In the end, I decided on a freestanding server with wine display. 

 I surprised myself by picking out a natural wood finish, as I had always envisioned something in white for this space.  I am happy, though, because I think the wood is a nice contrast to all that white.

One feature I loved about this cabinet was the gorgeous hardware.  I am smitten with this knob for the storage door - super cool!

This beauty was delivered shortly before Christmas and I just made what I had on the walls work and added a few things to the top.  It is a little over accessorized and crowded in this picture, but things have changed with a new (to me) vintage find. The look has definitely been simplified. I hope to show you the change on Monday.

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