Monday, May 27, 2013


Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Such an inspirational and moving day for our country.  Hoping you are waving the flag high and bursting with pride for our beautiful country and those who serve to protect us!
We are working frantically on our patio project this weekend.  Let me show you what has happened since the last time I shared.  We can't take the credit for any of it, since we are having a contractor do the work for us!!!
 So many changes happening in our backyard......paver stones being installed

Retaining wall going in......

Built in seat wall taking shape.....

At 2:30 p.m. one afternoon, a truck pulled with the parts to our pavillion, and poof! Less than an hour later, the basic structure was up!

Awaiting a ceiling and roof....

Aaah, now we're talking! Awesome Douglas Fir ceiling......

Yesterday it was Mr.Bluebird's turn to work on our project, installing the metal roof.......

One side finished! By the end of the day he had three sides nearly complete.  Not bad considering a year ago he was awaiting back surgery and was reduced to using a walker to move around!

We had our contractor insert a "Packer" brick in our patio.  Mr. Bluebird was a construction manager for a huge remodel of Lambeau Field several years ago, and we were given this brick, which is an exact replica of one that is installed at Lambeau.The public can purchase a brick, which in turn helps fund some of the improvements.  We never really knew what to do with it, but now this is just perfect!!!!

Today is cold and rainy, but the weather guy keeps saying the skies are going to clear for awhile.  Hopefully that is true, because Mr. Bluebird has much to accomplish before our contractor comes back and finishes up their part.  We did find time to get away early this morning and picked out tile for the two outdoor serving bars we are installing, so the rain didn't totally put a damper on things!

As for me, I am staying inside working on the decor and tablepieces for a luncheon I am helping with for the school I work for.  Hope to have a post about THAT too, because I think it will be quite fun! It is a technology theme with giant cellphones and CD centerpieces.

Hope you have a blessed day with friends and family! God Bless America and all the many soliders who give so willingly to keep America safe and free.

Wishing you happiness,

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Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm Still Here & Patio Progress

Hi everyone!

Oh my, have I been MIA or what? I didn't mean to put my blog aside for so long, but I have been busy at work and at home, and truthfully, not much pretty has been going on around my hacienda the past weeks. With summer break fast approaching, I assure I will have MUCH to share. Hope you will hang in there with me.  For now, I will update you on our patio.

When last we spoke, I was awaiting the start of a big patio project.  Finally, the spring weather gave us a break and our landscapers started the job late late last week.

First things first - remove the old concrete.

This process took all of 30 minutes....

Blurry because it was taken from the inside screen, but there is a pile of concrete where our swimming pool used to be!

Next step, adding stone for a good, sturdy base.

The beginnings of a retaining wall.

Today they started laying the pavers. The wood squares you see are where the posts/pillars will go for our gazebo.

Another view looking out from our kitchen.  We have about another two weeks to go according to our contractor.  Exciting stuff for us!   We also added a cool, custom feature that I can't wait to show you once it gets installed.  If you are from Wisconsin, you will be envious!

Thanks for stopping by.

Wishing you happiness,

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