Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Mantel

Today while I was dusting I decided to change up my mantel and give it a summer twist.  Does that happen to you?  While you are supposed to be cleaning you decide to "redecorate?"  I have done that for as long as I can remember! My mom would send upstairs to clean my bedroom and the next thing you know, I was pushing furniture around and you could hear the sound of a hammer, etc.  Not sure my room ever really got clean, but I did do alot of rearranging. Ha ha! Still at it after all these years!

This picture shows my coffee table with it's draped rag rug and bowl of vintage croquet balls.

Twiggy grapevine wreath, spray painted aqua, encircles a flowery print.  The two vases were my fun TJ Maxx purchase last week.  They hold sea shell orbs nestled in netting.  Creamy books and a bronze dog finish this part off.

Deep golds, sage greens, and winter reds have given way to cream and aqua!

Close up of the croquet balls and the little rocker that was mine as a child.

It's always fun to change things up for the season.  Now, about that cleaning........

Wishing you happiness,


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beachy Finds

Had the day off today, so after luncing with Mr. Bluebird at a cute little restaurant called The Machine Shed, I headed on over to Goodwill and TJ Maxx.

Fun aqua vases from TJM - only $7.99 each, very heavy, and importred from Spain.

I am planning to use these in a beachy arrangement on my kitchen table.  I think they go well with my gold and black decor.

Look at the detail on the silver sugar spoon and butter knife I picked up at GW for just a few dollars.  Love!
I also picked up a silver tray for $3.99 and a silver plate bowl for $1.99 - Bargain!!

I also scored two shell orbs wrapped in the cutest netting - big plans for those soon!   Lastly, a stop at JoAnn's brought this pretty aqua/cream pineapple fabric square for $2.00.

I will show you what I did with these lovelies soon! 

Wishing you happiness,

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'll Have Another

As you walk down the stairs to our finished basement, you come upon a little landing.  Prime decorating territory! Since one area of the lower level is a bar, I fell in love with these large prints from Kirkland's.  The wine theme is just perfect!

I've placed a little matre' d (who usually sports a Green Bay Packer hat), along with a bottle of wine, and a cheese dome filled with wine corks on the chest.

 I am searching for a chest that is more in scale width-wise for this area, but for now this works. 
 A close up of one of the prints.  I adore the colors!  I know wine decor is kind of "out," but since this leads to our bar area I think it is fun!  I gotta be me....and I like it.  :)
 This is a windowless area, so it is very dark and difficult to get pictures of without glare. The chest is painted a green /black.  I won it in a church raffle years ago - $1.00 for a chance! It has served me well moving from spot to spot.  It was made of pine by one of the church members.

A little bit closer view of the vignette.....I painted the pine base to update from its country style.  I like the contrast of the stained top.

Another quirky corner that I hope enjoyed checking out today.

Wishing you happiness,

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Feeling Cornered

I am such a fan of nooks and crannies in a home. You know, those funky little spots that are sometimes difficult to decorate, but always fun! Living in a newer home, I don't have too many quirky areas, but this little corner of my kitchen is just a sliver of space between the counter and patio door.
This chair was a GW find for $2.00 - I painted it with black, gave it a little distressing and a wax. Too cute! On it, a basket full of pretty towels to wipe off the dirty paws of our buddy Parker.
Adorable galvanized tin sits atop an upside down WalMart utensil holder that I hadn't been using for awhile.
Plate holders with plates and a framed W from Hobby Lobby. I love putting things other than plates in plate holders thanks to inspiration from Liz at Savvy Seasons.

Close up of one of my favorite plates - I am sure it was a Home Goods or TJ Maxx find a few years back. Love the little sitting dog.

 That's it from my little corner of the world!
Wishing you happiness,

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Closed for repairs!!

Hi all! I have not abandoned my newbie little blog, I really haven't. But as I mentioned in a previous post, Mr. Bluebird injured his back while on a business trip and between hospitalization,doctor appointments, and work, I honestly have not had a moment to blog or to check up on all the fun folks in blogland. Things are finally settling down so I expect to start posting more regularly in the next few days. For the two or three of you that read my posts (!) and have been looking for me, thanks a bunch for hanging in there and waiting for me to come back! Wishing you happiness, Jane

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kids Lodge

I wanted to share with you a little corner of our finished basement that I have set aside for my four sweet great nieces & nephews.  We entertain my family quite a bit and I wanted a special spot for the little ones to eat, do coloring & crafts, and generally hang out.  The oldest is five, his brother is four, and then the two little girls are 18 & 9 months.  So sweet!

The large cooler is filled with all sorts of crayons, markers, and coloring "stuff."  The thermos is filled with plastic bugs & dinos & fun trinkets.  The coolers sit on an antique checkerboard which will be fun to play when they are older.

Since this room has a lodge feel, I really wanted a mismatched, "gathered" look.  My goal was to put together my table & chair collection for less than $75 and every piece needed to be vintage, but sturdy.  The table was $12.00 and I found the chairs for $8.00 to $15.00 each...well within my budget, but it took me eight months to do it!  I also wanted each chair to have it's own personality.  Here, a weathered blue hoop back chair and a maple stained chair.  Cute!

Here, an oak hoop back chair and the cutest all-metal chair you ever did see! Have to give kudos to my daughter who spotted it a flea market booth (I missed it completely!).  I think it is my fave!

Here is a bigger view of the area.  So sunny this afternoon after a morning of storms that the window & lamp are causing quite the glare!  I will share the rest of the basement area another day.  This is part of a larger TV viewing room and that connects to a northwoods pub.  Uh oh.....I see this picture shows a dirty little secret and quite possibly the bane of my existence......

Yes, I have fish on my wall.  Walleyes & muskies.  Three of them.  And yes, there are more.  Four to be exact and two deer heads thrown in for good measure.  Bleck.  However, I do share the house with my husband and plan to continue to do so, which leaves me with no choice but to include these "treasures" in the downstairs decor.  Thankfully, this is the only area taxidermy decorating is a "must-have!"  Years ago, we lived in a home that did not have a finished basement (we put one in eventually), and I had two of these beauties in my great room.  Picture them married with mauve and country blue floral (hey, don't look down on me - it was the 80's!) - talk about classy.  I used to tie bows on them for Christmas.  Oh my.

Lastly, I have to apologize for being MIA for so many days. Oh boy - what a week! Mr. Bluebird was in SC for a business/golf trip and wound up hurting his back so badly he was in a wheelchair/bedridden for the entire trip.  After a five hour ride to the airport, then two flights home, he wound up in the hospital for five days! Yikes!  Drs. are still trying to avoid surgery, but he is home with a walker and still in intense pain.  Not his way of doing things that's for sure.  He has missed only one day of work in his entire 56 years on this earth and that was for outpatient knee surgery!  Hopefully we will have some answers soon. 

Wishing you happiness,

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