Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It's a Dog's Life

Hi everyone!

As I was puttering around the house today, I started noticing all of the "dog" decor I've used in my decorating.  I never really thought about it, but wow!  I definitely have an unintentional collection going on.

The ears on this little guy - so silly!

This bird hunter was found in Branson, MO this past spring.  I am not sure why I like him, as I am not really a bird hunting kind of gal, but something about him spoke to me.

Even a hunt scene has made it into our house.  Do any of you remember when hunt decor was popular back in the late 80's? I did not have it in my own home, but I recall loving all of the plaid (no surprise there!) and the brass horns. This is an old canvas I purchased  a few years ago.

I picked up this cute little figure at a charming little antique store, Wonderland Antiques, in Eureka Springs, Arkansas just last week while Mr. Bluebird and I were vacationing.  The shop owner was the sweetest lady you would ever hope to meet!

Scottie dogs have been some of my favorites for a very long time.  I've had the tan cast iron doorstop (my Scottie purchase that started it all) for 34 years! These guys watch over my washer and dryer to make sure I am doing it right.

Every one has probably seen a version of this Boston Terrier door stop at one time or another. There are a lot of repros out there, and truthfully, I have  no idea if mine falls into that category.  He was a good price and looks cute on top of our master bedroom fireplace.

Of course, my favorite dog "decoration" is the one and only Palmer - who truly makes our house a home. Just look at that face!!

How about you?  Do you have any unintentional collections that just sort of "happened" at your house?

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