Monday, December 31, 2012

New on New Year's Eve

This afternoon, our one & only headed back to college to spend New Year's Eve with her friends.  Always sad to see her go, so I thought a little retail therapy was in order.  We had a delightful lunch first at our favorite Mexican restaurant, said our goodbyes, and I b-lined it to the best antique mall in all of Wisconsin!

During the holidays, I noticed a lot of cute, vintage toys used in vignettes & such.  Growing up, my dad was a postal carrier so this wooden, green mailbox had to come home with me! I am going to pack it up and save it for next holiday season.  It will be fun to use in our house!

I also found an old butter crock with 6 cents printed on it.  Thought it was kind of fun since our wedding anniversary is on March 6th (oh so sentinmental - and Mr. Bluebird will approve of this purchase!).  It has been added to my crockery collection in the kitchen.

The mailbox was originally a shape toy and all the wooden blocks came with it.  The wear & tear around the shape openings and on the edges show this piece gave some child alot of enjoyment! Love that!

Here is my new crock, alongside anothe butter crock I have.  They sit behind the new glass I had installed when we re-did our kitchen.  That post will be coming soon with lots of befores/afters and product info.

So, those are my two little finds for today - the last of 2012! Tonight we are laying low. Ordering pizza in, watching an episode of Vegas that we missed a few weeks back, and taking it easy. (wild, crazy party animals are we!) Are you up to anything special today or tonight?

Wishing you & yours a wonderful, safe New Year's Eve and a terrific New Year with lots of happiness,


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  1. Oh- I love your new crock...but I bet you would trade it one second for one more day with your daughter home! Your mailbox is cute, too. Blessings and Happy New Year- xo Diana

  2. Happy New Years! Blessings from Still Woods!

  3. Happy New Year from you're latest follower. I love looking through those antique malls. I found a football-shaped lunchbox (flat on top and bottom). It was from the early 60s.
    Take care.

  4. Such fun finds. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  5. What fun finds! I've been trying to talk my husband into swinging by the antique shop with me nearby, but for some reason doesn't want to take our 3 little kids with us!! Imagine that.
    I love that the mailbox has a sentimental meaning for you. Can you find a way to use it all year instead of just for the holidays? Thanks for sharing your new treasures with us. I have a link party for beautiful table/kitchen finds if you ever want to swing by. Wishing you a blessed New Year!

  6. Your new year's eve sounds alot like mine. We ordered pizza too and stayed in watching tv. We are homebodies mostly anyway. I like your new finds. The little mailbox is cute with the fact that it brings you nice memories too.