Monday, August 3, 2015

What's In My Tub?

Hi everyone!

What's in my Tub is a whole bunch of inspiration for my guest bath re-decor that I am starting on this week. I hadn't really planned on doing this room right now, but I was in Home Goods last week and well, the rest is history.  You have no doubt been there.

Our newly dubbed "guest bath" was Baby Bluebird's bathroom all of these years.  I remember when we built the house and our then nine year old helped pick out all of the details - the counter top, the lighting, the flooring, the paint color.  It originally was a pretty electric blue with green and purple accents and silver leafed dragon flies applied randomly around the room.  It was pretty cool back then!

Over the years, it has gone through a few cosmetic changes - it was briefly a Sponge Bob theme that I surprised her with while she was away on a junior high field trip.  I thought it was cute, but it went over like a lead balloon.  It was bright orange with a hot pink ceiling during high school and most recently it was a light pink, with old Hollywood shower curtain and ballet prints & accessories.  It has been that way for awhile now and it was really starting to look tired. Here is what it looked like:

It was really cute, but with Baby Bluebird nearing 25 years of age and off to graduate school in Virginia for the next two years, it is time to go a more sophisticated, less thematic route. Not to mention, she took the super cool "Towels" bin with her! (Check out a my post about this bath here.) I've decided to go with a more contemporary/traditional look compared to the rest of my house.

Of course, a good scrubbing and a new paint job is first off the bat.  All shined up this morning, with spackling and taping up for this afternoon (if the new pup will let me do it).  I chose a very light shade of gray for the walls and a crisp, gloss white for the trim.  I am toying with painting the vanity, but on the fence for now.  

So, with no further adieu, take a look at "what's in my tub?"

I apologize right off the bat for the bad pictures - the sun was streaming in like crazy and I just couldn't get anything better!  But, I digress.  Here are some of the things I have pulled together for the room.  My color scheme is navy, green and white.

I fell head over heals for the Ralph Lauren vanity light and I can't wait to see it in this space.  The other patterns and the simple Hotel shower curtain keep things a little more contemporary.  I also lucked into the garden stool, which will be great for holding a glass of wine during a soak in the tub!  It was a bargain at just under $40.00 - you all know how expensive those things can be.

I am just loving the blue, green and white combo so much.

I also bought a new hamper (to the right) and a few new storage bins for the linen closet.  

A new light fixture is in order for this room as well.  The current lighting's finish is starting to deteriorate and it is terribly dated on top of it all. I have a few in mind, and this one is definitely a contender.  Hoping for a Labor Day weekend install for the lighting (of course, I have to pick one out and get it home for that to happen!).

It has been hard to come to grips with the fact that Baby Bluebird has moved on and most likely will never live at "home" again, except for vacations and visits.  I think this re-do of a room that was "hers" will be a cathartic experience - if nothing else, it's an excuse to decorate! (As if I need an excuse, ha ha!).

Stay tuned for updates on progress.  With the new puppy, I am predicting a slow go. but end of next week for sure...I think....I hope.....I don't know!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing it all finished, blue is my favourite colour.

  2. Oh how fun! I like what you've picked out. It's going to look fabulous! Time ticks on too quickly doesn't it? My daughter is 28 now and son is 31. Both went to college and haven't truly lived home since. After a few years I started to claim their old rooms and do other things with them. Fun reading about the transitions the bathroom went through. Now it's getting a whole new vibe!

  3. You r color scheme looks nice and fresh and I bet your bathroom is going to be Fab!

  4. That is going to look FANTASTIC, Jane!!! It is hard to see those kids move out, isn't it, and know that they have entered another phase of life...which pushes us into another phase also. Looking forward to seeing it all done...pup and all. xo Diana

  5. The empty nest will take a while to adjust to, no doubt!
    I can't wait to see the finished product when you are done with this re-do.
    I can tell already that I'm going to love it.

  6. Hi Jane! I do remember the 'themes' in my kids rooms. I love what you've decided on. The blue, white and green will be so pretty and can't wait to see it all put together. I'm crushin' on that sweet lamp! I love that! Thanks for popping in and have fun with your painting!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Very pretty blue, green, and white combination! My bathroom desperately needs a makeover!

  8. I love the direction you're going in with this bathroom! I just recently received the latest Pottery Barn catalog in the mail and noticed how popular navy blue and kelly green are now. So, your bathroom will be very "hip" now!