Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Vintage Roller Rink Baskets

Hi everyone!

This past Sunday Mr. Bluebird and I went to my favorite flea market. It is held four times during the warmer months and it is always beyond amazing!

I found a vendor who was selling a large quantity of old baskets. They were super cool and they had numbers painted on them. I was intrigued!

The vendor told me they came from an old roller skating rink and were locker baskets. The baskets are numbered on one end. On the opposite end, they have the same number - but upside down with either a blue or red line. When the basket was not in use, the basket was stored upside down. The blue line indicated a male locker and the red, a female locker. Clever!

Made of gorgeous oak splints, the three boxes I bought had weathered to a gorgeous gray, but they had a terrible musty and mouse-y smell. I decided I would give them a coat of stain and satin poly. Now they are fresh as a daisy!

(I may or may not have accidentally dipped my stain brush into my coffee cup! Oops!)

Aren't they cool? They really took the stain beautifully.

The baskets I chose were all "boy" baskets with the navy stripe.

My parents met at a roller rink at the end of WWII and continued skating well into their 60's and early 70's. It's kind of cool to have a little piece of skating nostalgia.

I will be using these in my upstairs nook and will share that soon.

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  1. These are so cool, Jane! You did a great job and you are going to get so many uses for them! Laughed about dipping the brush in the coffee cup... actually done weird things like this!


  2. How CLEVER you are!!! You will love these forever!!
    Yes, in art class I have dipped my brush in my glass or cup a time or two!!!

  3. Very cool!!!! I like how you stacked on a ladder.

  4. Wow!! What a really neat find! I am always in awe of the treasures that can be found and I love watching what people do to repurpose them. Your idea is fun!