Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Saturday, Gallery Wall, & a Giveaway!

Happy Saturday everyone! It is foggy, gray, & gloomy around my neck of the woods - but that's ok. It is still almost seventy degrees outside, which is still freakishly warm for Wisconsin this time of year.  Personally, I love the occasional gray day - it's perfect for shopping (oh yeah, did that already!!!), putzing around the house, and relaxing at the computer checking out the blogs.

Couldn't leave without a pic of some kind.  Here is one of a gallery wall I just completed in my stairway area.  The stairs make a little turn part way up, leaving me with a half wall that has proven to be difficult to decorate over the years.  Thought I would try my hand at a gallery wall of my daughter's baby pictures, and I like it! First I put up the infamous beadboard wallpaper, painted it a grayish aqua (a new color for me that I am incorporating on my first floor), copied photos in black & white, and put them in $3.00 Wal Mart frames. I copied her birth certificate (look at those sweet feet) and placed that frame horizontally to shake things up a bit. For under $80 I completely transformed this wall.  It is difficult to photograph due to the turn in the stairs, so while not stand alone post worthy, I did want to share with you.  Apparently in the 90's I was really into hats & big ol' bows for my little girl, because I think there is only one picture out of twelve where she isn't sporting one!  Although that little lady is now twenty one, I still remember those days and cherish them!

And now, I saved the best for last!  Kim over at Savvy Southern Style (one of my all time favorite blogs!)is having a $50 Kirkland's gift card giveaway.  Click on the link below for all the details!

Thanks so much Kim!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Wishing you happiness,

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