Monday, April 9, 2012

What A Girl Wants

Hi everyone and happy Monday!  I've been away on a little 30th anniversary trip with Mr. Bluebird. We went to Branson, MO and had an absolutely fabulous time.  We were a little worried that it might be a little too Hee Haw/old timer for us, but we were sooooooo wrong.  It is wonderful in every way and we cannot wait to go back!  (I  am trying to convince him to go this!)

Today I am going to show you my college-age daughter's bathroom.  We recently did a little re-do, which included new flooring.  Sorry!!! No before pics!  This room had sported a very teen girl look of bright orange, purple, & hot pink for quite a few years.  With my daughter being away at college, I longed for something a little more subdued and guest friendly.  It was a compromise every step of the way - she still wanted it girly and I wanted sophistication.  We found a cute fashion themed shower curtain, which was our jumping off point.
I love the canvas lined towel bin that I found at HomeGoods about a month ago.  Fun to have the rolled up towels at the ready - always seems so luxurious!

The walls are a very, very pale pink with a slight gray cast.  Isn't that pink rug with the ruffled lattice adorable? A cute little TJ Maxx find and a steal at $6.99! Woot! There's my towel bin up close - loving, loving, loving......

Not necessarily a fan of over the toilet storage towers, but she has soooo much stuff it really was a necessity.  I am actually starting to like it.  Hard to see, but the Kirkland prints are of high heels.

We decided to take the doors off her linen closet - and I have to say it was life transforming! The room seems bigger and I think it will be easier to keep it looking tidy.  Closed doors = junk stash.  We took out one of the shelves and now there is room for her hamper.  To the right of the sink is a little ode to ballet.  Daughter has been a dancer since age two and half!  
The original builder mirror was transformed with a little moulding and corner blocks - painted the same pink as the walls and topped with silver metallic glaze.  I hot glued and then caulked the pieces onto the mirror.  Love it!! (uh oh, the reflection in the mirror is showing the "before" of my current project...)

Here is a close up of her linen closet.  We added painted moulding to the metal wire shelving (using heavy duty Velcro).  I love this!  I had seen so many similar ideas on other blogs so copy, copy, copy! The hamper is also a nifty thing.  It has a black hinged top, and is made out of wrought iron, lined with a removable canvas bag.  Soooo pretty. I actually purchased it online from QVC.  I had been searching for years for a pretty hamper that could sit out and this was it! Not a bargain at $68, but I am ok with it since I had done my best in searching out something special.

Well, that is my daughter's bathroom.  It really captures her personality and is gently nudging her to a more grown up look in decorating. I do like it and if I really feel  the need to "class" it up, I can always add a new shower curtain and artwork for the months she is gone away at school.  I will post another day about the awesome flooring we put in this room - it is really cool!

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  1. What a wonderful bathroom! I love what you've done. A great theme, and still girly. My daughter is in the process of doing my granddaughter's (age 5) bedroom and bathroom. She's using pink and bright green. It's adorable!

    Thank you for your visit. It allowed me to find your blog and become a follower!

    Have a great week!

  2. I love the towel holder and all the pink in the bathroom. I'm your newest follower. I would love if you would follow me back.

  3. It is very cute. I love the shower curtain too! Pretty pretty. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

  4. I found you at the Newbie Party, and I love this bathroom ! It makes me so anxious to redo my guest bath. Beautifully done ! I love the curtain and towel basket.

  5. I love this basket!
    Come follow me back? Newest fan on GFC.

  6. So lovely and pretty and girly!

    So, please tell me, do I have to wait until they head off to college before the embrace pink again? My 11-year-old has shunned it. Turned her back on it. Refuses to wear anything that has the slighted hint of it.




    Oh, and I'm in the Midwest too. Chicago. As in really. Not a burb. As in less than a mile from Wrigley Chicago ...

    1. Too funny! My daughter is a girly girl thru and thru, so pink has always been in at our house. I was in Addison, Il today for my daughter's regional sorority luncheon....wanted to get to Ikea Woodfield Mall, but just ran out of time!

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