Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'll Have Another

As you walk down the stairs to our finished basement, you come upon a little landing.  Prime decorating territory! Since one area of the lower level is a bar, I fell in love with these large prints from Kirkland's.  The wine theme is just perfect!

I've placed a little matre' d (who usually sports a Green Bay Packer hat), along with a bottle of wine, and a cheese dome filled with wine corks on the chest.

 I am searching for a chest that is more in scale width-wise for this area, but for now this works. 
 A close up of one of the prints.  I adore the colors!  I know wine decor is kind of "out," but since this leads to our bar area I think it is fun!  I gotta be me....and I like it.  :)
 This is a windowless area, so it is very dark and difficult to get pictures of without glare. The chest is painted a green /black.  I won it in a church raffle years ago - $1.00 for a chance! It has served me well moving from spot to spot.  It was made of pine by one of the church members.

A little bit closer view of the vignette.....I painted the pine base to update from its country style.  I like the contrast of the stained top.

Another quirky corner that I hope enjoyed checking out today.

Wishing you happiness,


  1. Your little cheese dome with corks is so cute..what a hard angle to photograph!!

  2. Glad to hear you choose to use what you love. The landing is very inviting!