Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Black & White Alternative

Hi Everyone,

I have been promising to show you my mini master re-do for a long, long, LONG time.  To say the least, it has been a lengthy process for something that was no more than a redecorating project.  I finally have one side of the room done. However, for the life of me, I have not been able to get a decent group of pictures - the glare from the southern facing windows has just been too much lately. On the flip side, when I lower the shades, it comes out dark and funky looking.  I am the proud of owner of a basic point & shoot, which limits my photographic abilities dramatically. Boo to that.

Have no fear!  I made an executive decision today. having put off posting pictures long enough, I will show you the pictures in black & white! (Personally, I love the way everything looks in a black & white pic, so there wasn't a lot of arm twisting needed.)

Here I took a wide shot to include the bed, or at least part of it...just to give you a sense of  where the seating area is located.

As I shared last summer, I picked up the cool, vintage, lettered bench on one of my antiquing stops.  I think it is perfect for elevating my little faux woodburner.  The woodburner used to sit on the floor, but it just sort of got lost and really needed to be a focal point.  I love that little thing!  It is very cozy to have the "fire" on - you can use it with or without heat, so I can have the cozy factor in July if my little heart desires!

The rocker is an oldie my mom refinished years ago, when I was still a kid.  It used to sit in our kitchen and the five of us children would take our turns sitting in it, hanging out with our mom.  I remember sitting sideways, with my legs hanging over, putting on my makeup! Lol.

The curtain panels are no-sews, that I made with hemming tape and Pottery Barn clearance tablecloths.  I really like how they turned out.

I will throw this pic in just to "keep it real" and show you just how terrible the color and glare was on the pictures I took.  Oh my goodness, it looks like the circus exploded in my room.  Let me assure you, things - while colorful - are much more subtle and subdued.  I do have to admit that the burgandy wing chair to the left does not even remotely "go" with any of the fabrics in my room.  It's a good quality chair, though, and I am planning on recovering it soon - I just have not found the right fabric yet.  Suggestions?

So, there you have it - a tiny, black & white bit of my master bedroom re-do.  Still a smidge more to do, not much really.  Hopefully the finished room will be done soon, a camera upgrade will have happened, and I can share it all with you folks in living color!

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  1. Your bedroom looks very nice. Those "tablecloth" curtains are just gorgeous! Love the color/pattern of them. You could pick a color out of the curtain for your chair or even do it in an off-white. I have had very good luck ordering from Sure-fit slipcovers in the past. Their prices are pretty reasonable, too. I found that I could buy a premade cover for what it would cost me to make one. They run sales all the time, too.

    Your little heater/no heater is cute-and must really add a spot of warmth on a cold night- xo Diana

    1. Thanks for the advice, Diana. I will check our Sure-Fit "for sure," lol!

  2. I think it looks pretty nice and comfy too Jane, inspite of your B& W pics!