Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Comes to the Man Cave

Hi everyone!  Just checking in to show you some of the "man cave" décor this year.  We do a lot of entertaining this time of year, and the man cave is the main destination with it's three TV's, comfy furniture, and a bar that seats twelve or more!  (I keep telling ya folks - we are from Wisconsin!)

Anyway, I try to keep things somewhat rustic down there.  This year I picked up some wonderful vintage toys that I am using in my vignettes.  I added the awesome Tonka truck I won on EBay and the toy mailbox.  My dad was a mail carrier, so it is a sentimental piece for me.  (I have another vintage mailbox I used this Christmas you can see here.)

A closer shot of the truck.  I placed it on a tree round that my daughter received as a souvenir from a lumberjack show when she was little.  (in fact, one of the lumberjacks at the time was Sean Duffy, who appeared on one of the first seasons of the Real World and is now a WI State Senator).

 Hopefully I will have more of this room to show later!!!

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  1. How cute! Every man needs a little bit o' Christmas in his cave! xo Diana