Monday, December 16, 2013

PomPon Wreath

 Slow this runaway train down! Just can't believe we are a mere nine days away from Christmas - for someone who has been preparing since Dec. 26, 2012, I am at a loss as to why I am so far behind!!! Yikes!!!

Deep breath.  Ok. The other day I showed a glimpse of a pompon wreath I made for my daughter's bathroom and now I thought I would show you how easy it is to put together.  In fact, there is still time for you to make one - mine took about 45 minutes from start to finish!

Her bathroom is done is pink, black, and white - so traditional Christmas décor just looks kinda funny in that space.  I have made wreathes like this one years & years ago, so I knew how easy (and cheap!) it would be to make.

So.......I used a straw wreath form, a skein of pink yarn, scissors, and my trusty glue gun.  I wrapped the yarn around my left hand 40 times, slid it off, and secured it in the middle with a small piece of yarn.  (sorry! I didn't take a picture, but really, it is self-explanatory!) After I made like a gazillion of these, I cut through all the loopy ends and shazam! I had my own pompons! 

I then started on the inside of the wreath, gluing them tightly next to each other until I covered the entire wreath.  It is that easy! It took less than a skein of yarn to cover my wreath, so the entire cost was way under $10.

Once it was done, I thought it looked a little "blah" and needed a little pizzazz - so I found a $1.00 clip Christmas ornament at WalMart and simply clipped it into place.

Every girls bathroom needs a little sparkly zebra, don't you agree?
I really like how this turned out and it fits perfectly with her bathroom décor which you can see here.

On another note, today is my birthday and I am so lucky.........I get to have a root canal this afternoon! Say what?
Yep, that's how I am celebrating.  (I need to re-think my inner party animal, because I am SURE I should have planned something a bit more fun!)  Mr. Bluebird, Sweet Daughter, and I celebrated yesterday - and I have something wonderful to share with you AFTER the holidays from our shopping adventure.  So, I am okay with the root canal. I think.......
Hoping you survive the days before Christmas with a happy heart!
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