Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Color My World (Kitchen Chair Reveal)

 Hi Everyone!

I am finally going to share how my chalk painted kitchen chairs turned out.  It has been a long time!!!  As I was painting them, I shared with you that this was my first attempt at chalk paint and because of the original finish of my chairs, it was neither a fun or easy process.  In the end, however, they turned out EXACTLY as I have envisioned !  I am really liking the brighter change.

As you can see, the main body of the chairs are all creamy white, with a dark wax over top.  The decorative chair backs each received a different chalk paint to coordinate with the different colors I use throughout the main floor of our home.

  Here is a  before photo of the chairs before their re-do.  The black lacquer finish was such a pain in the pa-toot - look at all those hand prints! I could never win the war with these chairs.

And here is one of the chairs in it's new paint job and fabric seat.  The fabric is outdoor grade so it will withstand any mishaps or spills. (I hope!)

I still have one more chair to finish, but that one I am simply going to paint all in the creamy color - including the decorative area. Even for me, five colors might be a little too much! I am also going to be taking down the dreadful vertical blinds on the kitchen patio door very soon and re-hang my Pottery Barn panels.  We had hoped the blinds would help our dog with his thunderstorm/lightning anxiety, but it has not....so back to pretty instead.

Just putzing around the house today - cleaning and getting things done for the week before I head off to work tomorrow.  How about you? What's up?

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  1. WOW, I love what you did with them. They look great.

  2. Great idea, they have turned out well.

  3. The chairs look terrific! I haven't attempted chalk paint and knowing me I will finally get around to it when no one is chalking anymore! We just got back from a trip to TN. Stop by Still Woods Farmhouse for a visit when you get a chance!
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  4. Hi Jane. The chairs look so pretty. I love the different colors on the back. I have never painted chairs but that will be my project in the near future. I have heard that chairs are hard to do. My husband painted our kitchen chairs with chalk paint we mixed up ourselves and they turned out pretty well. They are black but not shiny so they don't show anything..Happy Monday..Judy

  5. So unique! Your chairs look great together around your table.

  6. Your chairs are cute painted in different colors to match the table. I love how paint can easily transform furniture.

  7. That is some dramatic transformation! I love them.