Sunday, April 5, 2015

Packing for a Spring Getaway

Hi everyone!

This year as I thought about packing for a spring break getaway with Mr. Bluebird, I decided to limit my wardrobe to three basic colors. I was hoping to get the most out of my suitcase space, along with giving me alot of options once we reached our destination. I chose navy, coral and white.

Now, I am no fashion expert (nor do I play one on tv, lol!), but I thought I would share with you what I took along. It was a fairly casual vacation, so for bottoms I chose denim jeans, white jeans, navy chinos and a pair of khakis. I packed 16 tops/jackets and came up with at least 26 variations! Add a few pieces of jewelry, several belts, scarf and three handbags and I was on my way!

Navy and white cap sleeve top with an eyelet & denim vest.

Navy and white top on its own.

Same top with a denim jacket. Who doesn't love a classic  jeans jacket?

A jeans shirt and a coral leopard jeans jacket.

Coral and navy plaid shirt, navy tee and white denim jacket.

Same shirt and tee, paired up with the blue denim jacket.

Plaid shirt and tee - this time paired with the white denim vest.

Throw on an infinity scarf and there's another look!

Navy tie dye top and white tee.

Same top paired with the white vest.

Mini print zip up and white tee - looks cute with the nautical inspired bucket bag.

Cute with a skinny navy belt.

Or a floral print crossbody.

Simple coral Henley.

White and navy tee shirt cardigan over navy blue tee.

Same cardigan tied in a knot over the coral Henley.

Coral Henley with the white denim vest and infinity scarf.

Instead of a scarf, just a simple necklace.

Navy blue tunic with southwest inspired jewelry.

A little more southwest style with an oversized leather belt.

Same tunic and belt under the leopard jacket.

Tunic topped with the classic jeans jacket.

Topped with the eyelet vest and a fun scarf necklace.

Navy print tee layered over the white tee - belted.

The two tees under the denim shirt.

And with the white denim vest...

And with the denim jacket.

Six pairs of shoes (probably a few too many, but since we weren't flying there was space to bring them along - so why not?!).  My pants for the trip...two dark wash jeans, navy chinos, white jeans and khakis.

I took three bags - a small crossbody to use in the evening, a floral shopper to use during the day (good for shopping - hence the name) and the striped bucket bag because it's so cute!

While I still packed quite a bit, sticking with a limited color palette allowed me alot of flexibility during our trip and I had the right outfit no matter what the weather or activity. I will definitely use this method again and especially for those trips where I can only take a carry on.
 Hope you found some packing inspiration for your next getaway!

I will be sharing more about our spring break trip soon.

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  1. That is AMAZING!!!! I loved all the different looks! I tend to pack WAY too much and the ONE time I packed LIGHT - I did NOT have enough!!! So as hard as I try - I still pack more than I need!!! Good thing I don't travel all that much any more! Looking forward to seeing where you went and what you did!

  2. What a great color pallette...and so many lovely combinations!

  3. Great combos and easy traveling, Jane. Love your outfits!!!
    I have learned to take less and less as I travel. I can remember going for a week and taking TWO LARGE suitcases. Now, I can go for two weeks with one suitcase. I like Travelsmith clothes, too...they pack just beautifully, are timeless and wear forever.
    You are going to be well-dressed on your trip! xo Diana

  4. I think you did an awesome job of picking out outfits! Have fun. Janice

  5. Good Heavens, Jane. Mr. Bluebird won't know who he is with from one day to the next. You got it right, keep em guessing!. You will look so cute, of course you would look cute in a gunny sack as they say! You did a great job of picking items that can be changed around so many different ways. I love the tunic with the belt (southwestern style). I dressed that way all the time when I was working. Now people don't recognize me when I'm out of my blue jeans and my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer t-shirts. And I do mean shirts! Hope you have the best time and tell us all about it when you get back..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  6. Very planned. Love the colours you have chosen and I reckon you will look very glam.

    Stopping over from Party in your PJs

  7. That should say very well planned ;)

  8. love it from your packing I can say you will be one great looking person any where you plan to go
    come see us at

  9. enjoy! i always try to layer and mix and match when i travel, too.

  10. Take me with you...just so we can share the clothes! Love them all, great colors!

  11. Hope you have a great trip with your hubby! Love your outfits, cute sneakers and striped bag!

  12. This is GENIUS! I never thought to limit myself to 3 colors like that! How long were you gone? You may remeber, last year we drove to Fl. for we thought a 3 week getaway. Well, we were in an accident the second day so our trip was extended 5 weeks waiting for the car to be fixed. I did not have enough clothes with me:):) I love this idea!

  13. I like your choice of wardrobe! Using a color scheme that can be intermixed like that is a great idea! I also like the cute small purse for shopping.

  14. I love your outfit choices....coral is always my favorite. Please share some of your vacay pics. with us.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,

    Cottage Making Mommy