Thursday, July 30, 2015

Unexpected Warm Glow

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On our way home from leaving Little Bluebird in Virginia for graduate school, we happened upon an awesome shop off the freeway in Centerville, Indiana - about an hour south of Indianapolis on I-70 and just across the Ohio border.  Apparently, on  the way TO Virginia, yours truly was asleep and missed all of the signs leading up to this gem of a place.  Much wiser on the return trip (due to a slip of the tongue by Mr. Bluebird, lol), I was wide eyed and ready to roll once we made it to Centerville.

And there it was, a ginormous candle - a beacon for the traveler - and the iconic symbol of the Warm Glow Candle Company!  It is 11,000 square feet of "scentsory" overload.

 Inside the store, there was one amazing display after another.

Tons of realistic faux florals.

Cute displays were everywhere.  Here is a massive area of candle rings.

Of course, amidst all of the home decor were the stars of the show - the yummy scented candles.

There is even a selection of specialty wines.

And of course, chocolate and wine are perfect companions!

Look at the size of the candle on the top shelf - huge!  I regret not picking one of those up to bring home now.... sigh.

If you get hungry while you are shopping, there is a cute little cafe right inside with all kinds of treats.

Candles are one of my downfalls, so I showed great restraint at this store.  I picked up two candles (Apple Cinnamon & Banana Nut Bread) and a big bag of Cinnamon Bun scented rosehip. I paid about $44.00 for all three items, which is a really great price.

The Warm Glow Candle company has a huge scent selection, many of which can be ordered on line.  I am still thinking about the huge Cinnamon Fried Ice Cream candle I left behind and may be placing an order soon!  The candles I did choose are also quite large, weighing in at two pounds and boasting 150 hours of glow time.  I am saving them for September, when I get the fall harvest bug!

I am so glad Mr. Bluebird spilled the beans about this super neat store and that we were passing by during their operating hours (9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day).

How about you? Have you happened upon any great shopping spots lately?

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  1. Our daughter lived in Richmond for a few years and I surely do remember this lovely place as we took a few road trips. You really can't miss it with all of the signs along the way (unless you are sleeping!! :-) It is a wonderful experience of sensory over-load when you enter. I do miss our trips past this little gem!! You will likely see it again on your trips back!!
    When you talked about a wonderful place you found in your last post....I just KNEW this was it!!