Monday, November 16, 2015

Christmas Pondering

Hi everyone!

Like many of you, I have been planning and preparing my home for the fast approaching Thanksgiving holiday - oh my gosh, is it really only a week and a half away?!  Anyway, I have been knee deep in some much needed house cleaning and other things around here, but while doing so I have been giving thought to the oncoming freight train known as the Christmas season.

For all of my years on this planet, I have loved every single bit, bauble and trapping of Christmas decor.  I never met a piece of tinsel, glitter or shiny orb I didn't like - or did not include in my decorating for the season. I have taken great pride in the comments of "your house looks like a Christmas store," and "I can't believe all of the Christmas decorations you have."  But.......

This year I have been doing some thinking.  Pondering, if you will.  Something deep inside of me is crying out for a simpler look, a quieter feel to my holiday approach.  In fact, I have been thinking about this since last Christmas.  A simple Christmas.  A Christmas where one or two Santas stand out in a vignette. Where a cozy throw and a pillow on the sofa is enough to say "welcome Christmas."

But, what about the boxes, bins and bags of holiday "loot" that holds my family's tradition of decorating excess?  What will the family think of this pared down Christmas style? What will the friends and relatives say?

I'm even "this close" to going with a four foot tabletop tree in the living room. Partly because of our puppy, partly because it would lend a simplicity to the room.

It remains to be seen whether I truly go through with the "look of simplicity" this year.  I may open up those familiar storage boxes and feel the magnetic draw of the Santas, the snowmen, the gingerbread, the 1500 plus ornaments.  I am hoping to show restraint and have a quiet Christmas look.

"And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow,
stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled 'till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.”

― Dr. SeussHow the Grinch Stole Christmas!

What are your decorating plans for the holidays?  I don't think there is a right or wrong - just different ways of approaching the season.  This year I am trying to keep it simple.

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  1. There is no such thing as "Christmas Overdose" in my book Jane! I always go Christmas Crazy and this year is no different and I don't think it ever will! I love changing themes but old ornaments and tradition matter too so I have to bring them all out!

  2. What a great post! Man, I truly love to decorate for Christmas and I have to agree with Vel. For me, Christmas decorating is about family traditions and nostalgia. My parents loved Christmas and loved to decorate for it. Mom did the inside and dad did the outside. I have such fond memories and I want to keep them alive. When anyone comes over to visit, I want them to feel the same way and they do. But the bottom line is whether you put out twenty Santas or two... follow your heart. ♥

  3. Jane,
    I, too, try to keep a simplistic approach to my Holiday decorating,but it doesn't always happen!
    The one year I was going to "downsize" my Christmas decor, my eldest son stated,
    "You're not going to display the Christmas Cookie Cutters?"
    I had a tug at my heart and a lump in my throat.
    Since he was a toddler, our family made decorated Christmas Cookies to share with family and friends.
    That very year, I purchased a pencil slim Christmas Tree and hung the cookie cutters on the branches.
    He stopped by one evening on his way home from work and walked over to the tree, held a cookie cutter in his hand and smiled. . .it was worth all the "extra" effort to cut red check ribbon and hand tie each cookie cutter to the branches.
    This year, I will keeping my upper level and lower level Christmas decor in themes.
    I must tell you that I adore your Santa pillows in this post!!!
    It's beginning to look a "bit" like Christmas here, dear one!!!

  4. I love decorating for Christmas. My mother always did a great job at Christmas and it would feel so special. I find my feelings vary a bit as to how much I put out from year to year- I just go with what I feel like doing that particular year. I have to laugh at myself though because every year I say I'm going to do less- keep it simple and as I open another container I see something that inspires me to do more! I say do what makes you happy and enjoy it. The Santa face on your pillow reminds me of how Santa was presented when I was a child- love it!

  5. Amen, Sister. I'm not even having Christmas this it is a chance to rein it in a bit. But then...this is my first Christmas what do I show. Perhaps I will just enjoy everyone elses excess, LOL. Thanks for letting me join your ranks, simpler would be nice...maybe spend a couple of days volunteering instead of excessing. Sandi

  6. Oh, Jane. I hear you- you are my twin! I have so much Christmas stuff that no one can believe it. Three years ago I set box after box of stuff up and let the kids go down and pick out what they wanted. I sent each one of them home with at least 3 large totes full...guess what? I think the stuff in my basement has continued to multiply even after I got rid of all that stuff. lol
    I keep thinking- I will do a "simpler" Christmas this year, too. We'll see-won't we? We'll see.
    Hope you had a great day- xo Diana

  7. I am with the simplifying. I have been saying that for a few years now. The problem is I get carried away when I see all the pretties and then go crazy. I like how it looks at first but within a few days the excess bothers me and I want to take it all down! Does that make me a scrooge?!

  8. I think everyone is thinking like you and simplifying is the way to go. With our house up for sale I had to scale way back. So my theme this year is simple and serene. Less is more!!!! Good luck with what you decide I know it will look beautiful.

  9. I have given some thought to all my elaborate Christmas decorating and have come to terms with the fact that I do it first and foremost for myself. I love it all!! Every last decoration and keepsake! If no one saw it but me - I would still do it ALL! And I think - at 67 years old - I never know how many years I have ahead of me to celebrate the way I do now. So I decided some years ago that I will do what pleases me for as long as I am able to do it! Only do what YOU want to do - be it simple or elaborate!! YOU are the one you need to please! Not others! They may do as they wish. Be strong and follow YOUR heart as the Spirit of Christmas leads YOU!

  10. Your Santa pillow may well be my inspiration for next year's Santa painting! I LOVE it!!!

  11. Oh, Jane, you are so in my head!! I have been saying a simpler Christmas for the past couple of years. I devour all the Christmas magazines and have kept them from years back. Whenever I see a very simple vignette it just talks to me. We have done smaller trees in the past and they always are pretty, as you say there is not a right or wrong way. I'm hoping this year to have a BIG tree and do all the rest very simply. As I've said I've been saying that for the past couple of years. I'm so anxious to get started and what will be will be. I just love that Santa pillow, so softly colored. Is it old?..Happy Weekend..Judy

  12. Oh Jane I am so with you on the pairing down this year! Next weekend we plan on doing our Christmas decorating and I vowed to edit the six large totes filled to the brim. Both of our kids moved out and both could use some decorations so this gives me motivation to edit, edit, and edit again. Like you, I hope I don't give in the nostalgia of those ornaments.

  13. Jane---if you love to fill your home with all of your Christmas treasures, go for it! I think it's really only when we run out of energy (or room) that we might want to think about paring down. I gave away some things to family members with younger children when we outgrew Mickey Mouse ornaments and the entire collection of Rudolph and his friends figurines. As our family grows we have less room so I come up with new placement ideas and only bring up what I decide on...and that's usually too much!! Follow your heart. :)

    I'm so looking forward to Cedarburg, we found out about it in Midwest Living magazine a few years ago and this will be our 4th time there.

    The snow is almost melting as it hits the ground here. Better to be prepared though. I'm wondering if my mums are going to make it through this cold.

    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, Jane!

    Jane x

  14. Each year is different and this year like last will be a simpler touch to help keep family and the reason for the season in better perspective.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!