Monday, November 9, 2015

Let's Get Physical

Hi everyone!

I finally am able to show you the workout room reveal that I started sharing about herehere and here. It was a long process, interrupted by a puppy, work and a vacation! But, it is finally done and now it's time....

No headbands or matchy matchy  80's spandex for me, but I do plan on working up a sweat! 

Without any further ado, I now present the workout room! I decided to keep one of the single beds from this room's "guest room" days. I found a super deal on daybed bedding from Pottery Barn.

The weathered brick art piece really turned out great. I also love the three work lights we've used for the lighting. Just cheap clipons from the hardware store.

This is the gallery wall we face when using the elliptical. Just a collection of this and that. The mirror is from Home Goods.

I painted the closet doors with chalkboard paint. Mr.  Bluebird likes to keep track of his crunches,  etc. and I thought it would be fun to use the chalkboard.

I found this old gizmo at a Branson antique mall for a couple of dollars. It kind of has a torture chamber look to it - fitting for a workout room, lol!

My Stickley cabinet remains to be filled up and I have to put the third door back on. I had originally planned to paint this piece, but now I am enjoying the natural wood.

Eventually we will have a flat screen tv here, but for now, I 've dusted off an old tv that used to be in my daughter's room many years ago. At one time it sported a purple, fuzzy flower frame, lol - and it still has the adhesive residue to show for it! The picture is great, so for now, it's just fine.

The Pioneer Woman's "Charlie" dog cookie jar holds dog treats for Palmer, in case he gets bored while I am exercising. Yes, bribery...gotta do what I gotta do!

Now, instead of writing about it, hopefully, I will be using this room!  I am currently finishing a redo of Baby Bluebird' s room and giving some thought to Christmas decor.

What are you all up to?

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  1. It looks great. I just posted about me and hubby getting in shape. Wished we had room for things. Hubby does have a bike that he use to exercise. Sad to say I cannot use bikes anymore.

  2. Congratulations on your completion of the home gym. It is easier than driving somewhere to work out!
    Thanks for visiting me. Sheila

  3. Congratulations on your completion of the home gym. It is easier than driving somewhere to work out!
    Thanks for visiting me. Sheila

  4. Yeah! You have a home gym now! We have one too, but Joe is the principal user, it is alot of weights. I prefer to walk, with my neighbor. We also have a gym in the clubhouse so I can use that equipment. Keep us posted on your progress!!!

  5. Great job Jane!! I'm proud of you for making your goals a priority and putting the workout space right there in your house. Also, it's great that the room has more than one purpose. I'd love to know what the torture thingy is. :)

  6. That looks just GREAT, Jane. We have all the equipment set up but I have to say that I really need to do something with the WALLS down there. It is awful and because it is awful I stay away from it (hey-any excuse is better than none). You did a great job pulling everything together. I am glad you finally got it finished and I KNOW you must have one of those cute little work out outfits hidden away somewhere. Now, bend and stretch and jump and know the routine! xo Diana

  7. Hi Jane...our equipment in all in the garage. I had it inside but it was just too crowded so it went out. I think yours looks great inside your home...which is NOT an easy thing to do.
    I could hear the meloncholy in your tone as you wrote your comment on my last post. I was surprised at how many understand how I feel. You just have to put one foot in front of the other. Things never turn out like we think they will.
    And also, times have changed. I will post that red plaid papered room as soon as I get that the blasted china, crystal washed and put back on the shelves and off the floor. Thanks so very much for stopping by and commenting. My heart went out to you...but you sounded so very brave about it all. HUGS!

  8. Oh, Jane. Wow, it LOOKS like it would be a pleasure to work out in that room. You have done such a good job and I think you should dress up like Olivia, you're much cuter!..Is that an actual number of Mr. BB's crunches?!!! Great expectations!!..Happy Thursday..Judy

  9. Oh no. You've got that song stuck in my head. I want to go grab a time and tie it across my forehead. And, I agree. It looks really cute.

  10. Hi, Jane. Thanks for visiting me, and for your sweet and kind comments about my fall decor. Your workout room is perfect, and I admire your drive to use it for something other than hanging clothes! LOL Best wishes on your "deep clean" and getting ready for the holidays! ~Zuni