Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Cozy and The Crazy

Hi everyone!

I've been busy this weekend putting away all the bunnies, eggs and other Easter accoutrements. I didn't put much out this year as we went to Cincinnati to spend the holiday with Baby Bluebird, still, there was plenty to pack up!

While putting a few things away, I took my quilts out of my antique cupboard and set about refolding them. I thought they looked so cozy all piled on the settee.

Quilts have always been a favorite of mine. They just say comfort to me.

In other news, I had been making plans to paint our living room and kitchen this  coming summer. Now that I am working full time, I 've had to put projects like that on hold until school gets out.  Until now!  As I was packing the bunnies, cleaning and rearranging, Mr. Bluebird asked, "why not paint next weekend?" My first thought was no, and then I thought , "why not next weekend?" So, I decided to start with the living room. Today I've torn my living room apart, clearing everything out. During the week, I'll fill the nail holes, tape anything that needs taping - you know, the usual, but all important paint prep. I've already selected colors, so a quick run to the paint store one night after work and I 'll be ready.

Maybe I will finally patch the old surround sound system hole (instead of covering it up!). I still like the stair tread shelf I made years ago, but not so much the color. A little cream paint will be just what the doctor ordered. With my plaid sofa, the green is just too Christmassy.

Speaking of Christmassy, the green accent wall will be the first to go! I really liked it for awhile, but it is just too much. I had been toying with the idea of jumping onto the neutral furniture bandwagon. In fact, I even had buyers for my current furniture lined up. I had narrowed down my new sofa choice to two.

I even covered my furniture with white sheets for a few months to get a feel for it. In the end, and at the moment, neutral is just not me. I really like my furniture. I love my furniture. With that being said, I still want to tone things down a bit. Neutral paint, no accent wall, a few painted pieces in cream. More live greenery.

So, this week, our house looks like a disaster zone - typical of painting time. I'm looking forward to getting it done and having a fresher space. There are some big events happening at the Bluebird house this summer and I will share that news with you later this week.

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  1. My house is colourful neutral is not my scene.

  2. Good luck with the painting job. It is hard when you are working full-time to get that kind of thing done. It will be lovely when all is said and done. I LOVE your rock is beautiful and so natural looking. Have fun painting...can't wait to see the results. xo Diana

  3. Covering your furniture for a test run on a permanent change is brilliant.
    You are so smart!

  4. You will feel so good when you get the painting done! The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul!
    Love your fireplace! So, are you teaching now? It’s so hard to work full time and get anything done at home. I once told my daughter, “Work is so time consuming!”

  5. Painting always freshens things and makes me feel good. I’ve been trying to convince hubby to repaint the kitchen area for me. We used to jump into projects like that but anymore it takes a while! My eye is seeing a light tan that will be neutral but also enhance the fireplace and sofa print. I’ve added some off white pieces as accents in my living room but I can’t live with the all white look either. I love color!

  6. I have some painting to do as well and I always dread the prep more than the actual painting, itself. If I had someone come to prep for me, I'd be all about it! I like my room colorful as well...just can't go for that all white or all neutral look. Good luck with your transformation!