Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hunt Club Beach

I want to share with you my current summer-inspired mantel....a little number I call Hunt Club Beach, lol!

You might notice the little copper pail filled with birch logs....hubby thought adding that back in would send cooler temps our way! So...why not?  With the scorchingly hot summer we've had, I am willing to try most anything!

This was my summer mantel before.  Basically the same as now, but with a flowery print and aqua grapevine wreath.  I liked it 'ok,' but it always seemed a little too busy to me.  The wreath just looked kinda plunked on there and well, it just was a no go.

But I kept the sweet dog statue, and aqua goblets filled with seashell orbs and netting.  The seashell orbs are my nod to the summer!

I also kept my porcelain orb in the pedestal cloche, along with a few old books and potted ivy plant.

On the left side, I kept the cheapy, melamine Target plate stacked on some old books, and accented with a potted green plant, laid on its side.

The only change was the artwork! I took away the floral print and grapevine wreath, and replaced it with my hunt scene oil painting. This painting had been displaced since I made & hung my mirror turned chalkboard a few weeks ago.  It is a favorite!  Now, hunt scenes and seashells really have nothing to do with each other, but nonetheless, I really liked how this mantel turned out.  I think the little bronze doggie brought it all together!

I have new furniture coming for this room in a few weeks, along with new wood floors (yay!), so things will be a-changing for sure!  But in the meantime, I am enjoying my end of summer "Hunt Club Beach" mantel.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you happiness,

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  1. Oh it is beautiful. Love the colors and your dog figurine is fabulous, one of the things I am always drawn too. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love the oil painting too! And of course I love anything to do with dogs.Did you know if you click on your pictures after you post, but before you publish that a line of choices will appear above the picture-choose x-large. Your pictures will look much better. I hope you don't ming me making that suggestion. I am off to check ouit the rest of your blog.