Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You Got Some 'Splaining to Do Lucy (The Great Doorknob Debacle of 2012!)

Oh my! Such an I Love Lucy moment at my house today!

Okay, there isn't a horse in my living room - but something funny did happen!

It all started with this....
I decided to save myself some $$$ and spray paint all the doorknobs in my house.  The antique brass that I picked out when we built our home in 2001 just wasn't cutting it anymore.  I was out of ORB spray paint, so I made a little ORB "cocktail" of an assortment of paints I had and I must say it turned out wonderfully.

I painted most of them yesterday and re-installed them.  Easy peasy.  But I had three of them left for today.  One was my daughter's bathroom doorknob.
She awoke this a.m. to no doorknob on her bathroom door.  She wondered how she would be able to open and close said door.  I replied now, honey, if there isn't a doorknob, but there is a  big hole in your door.....you just pull it open & push it shut.  Why on earth are we sending you to college when you ask such silly questions! Getting locked in the room only happens on shows like I Love Lucy! So off to shower she went and I took off into town to run several errands.

Halfway into my trip, I get a frantic call from daughter......she is trapped in her bathroom and can't get out!!!! At this point I am sitting in line at the bank drive thru.  "WHAT????" (I am already laughing hysterically at this point!)

So home I go.  Grab the exterior part of the doorknob on my way up the stairs and set her free.

Oh dear....we aren't looking too happy! "Mom, you said I couldn't get locked in!"  Oops - my bad! Apparently I was wrong about that.

I think I laughed for a good ten minutes...until I cried actually!  Just seemed like a Lucy & Ethel moment to me!

After being "rescued," she installed a security measure so she wouldn't get locked in again!

But what happened with the doorknobs you ask?

Oh my, they turned out smashingly!  They cost me absolutely nothing because I had all the paint.  I also handpainted all the door hinges to match just using a mix of flat black and some brown craft paint. All the exterior doors got a fresh coat of paint yesterday....a custom color to match our trim, which is Musket Brown by PAC. I noticed in this picture however that there is a little brass trim strip on our storm door that needs a little ORB!

So like an episode of Lucy, all's well that ends well!

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  1. Tell your daughter I am sorry for laughing but OH! that sounds like something that would happen in this family.
    The knobs look great. I have thought about doing this but it will be awhile before I get around to it.
    Thank you for the laugh.

  2. Oh, that is too funny (sorry to your daughter) but I can see something like that happening to my daughter :)