Thursday, August 2, 2012

Glass of Milk or English Cream?

Hi all!  Mr. Bluebird and I have begun the process of having our kitchen re-done.

Bye Bye Golden Oak!

 A fairly major reno actually.  Granite counters, wood floors, lighting, etc.  We aren't getting new cabinetry for a number of reasons:  I like our current kitchen configuration and I've been wanting white cabinetry for years and  years.  So.....we are hiring a painting contractor to do just that.

In the meantime, I have been living in a sea of white paint samples, trying to figure out which is "the one!"
This is quite the process! I've been stalking looking at other blogs to see what color they have used, since this is such a popular thing to do these days.  The samples all look so similar, yet I can see differernces in them all.  I am currently leaning toward one called Bone Folder by Martha Stewart. But there is also English Cream, Glass of Milk, Magnolia Blossom, and on and on....... Oh well, I have a few weeks to decide! I am still on the fence on having them glazed, too, so we will have to see.....

Although we are not putting is new cabinetry, I am adding a few cabinets to our kitchen during this project.  We currently have a little built in desk that I am replacing with a three drawer cabinet.  We put the desk in when we built our house ten years ago so our then 11 year old daughter could use the computer and do her homework while I made dinner, etc.  Obviously, the computer has been replaced by laptops and tablets, and the little girl is now a soon to be senior in college.  The drawered cabinet will be such a storage booster and provide us with more usable counter space.

I am also having a 36" appliance garage installed to hide away the cluttered "of the everyday" - cellphones, keys, mail, etc.  That stuff drives me nuts - but where else do you put it! So, poof! Appliance garage to the rescue - yay! I am also planning on having a few doors fitted with glass & interior lighting. Fun!

When all is said & done, the project should be done sometime in October.  It will be fun to blog about the progress. Hope you will join me!


  1. I love Martha Stewart paint swatches! Perfection!!! But what, pray tell, is an appliance garage!?? Super excited to see your finished kitchen... we are embarking on a transformation in the kitchen soon, as well! Have a beautiful day!

    Denise @

    1. Hi Denise! An appliance garage is pretty nifty - it fits between the upper & lower cabinets, and has a pull down door (like a roll top desk) that hides things like your mixer, toaster, cell phone junk, etc. I have always wanted one, so now is the time!!! Just interviewed a painter this morning, so things are getting exciting!

  2. I am still in love with my white cabinets! I originally had a desk also but we removed it a couple of years ago and replaced it with a cabinet with the heavy duty pot/appliance drawers! Your kitchen is going to look brand new!