Monday, September 3, 2012

Bits, Teases, & Tears

Bits. That's all I have at the moment. Just little bits of things to share with you all.  With the remodel of our first floor in progress, I swear that MY ENTIRE HOUSE is underseige and is a disaster land.  But like my little sign says, I am going to believe it will be beautiful!

I am madly in love with my new three drawer cabinet, which Mr. Bluebird installed for me yesterday.  It replaces a little desk surface that seemed like a good idea when we built the house.  We used to keep our computer there and it was a spot for our daughter to do her homework.  Obviously, technology and life has changed, so this new cabinet is going to be awesome!  Looking forward to going white over the golden oak - the painter is on schedule for October! (I also need to finish taking down my faux beadboard wallpaper!!)

Onto the tease - a few weeks back I picked up a pine stair tread and two brackets.  I have been wanting to buy a big, beefy shelf for my living room for quite some time and have had zero success. So, I was cruising the aisles of Menards "just looking" and came up with this idea.  I orginally was just going to stain it, but changed course midstream and I am looking forward to showing it to you.  Soon! Mr. Bluebird needs to help me find the right fasteners because this bad boy shelf is

And now for the tears! Our one and only went back to college this morning, loaded down with clothes, shoes (lots of shoes!), groceries, and who knows what else.  She is starting her fourth year, but I am always kinda sad on this day.  Love her so much!

And away she goes!!!!

I will leave you with one last little tease.....after our daughter left, I started re-painting my downstairs powder room. It is getting a completely different look.  Hope to have pics of the finished room soon!

Happy Labor Day!!!!  Up to anything special?


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  1. Morning Jane! I can almost feel the disruption through the screen as you work on your remodel. lol I know how they take over a house and make you feel like WHEN will this ever be done. I also feel your tears/sadness as my only one also left home to be "on her own". Then she came back for a while and just when I was getting used to it left again, then back again, left again and NOW last night is thinking of coming back again. She too is finishing up her 4th year (on-line). This time she is bringing her new English Mastif puppy so I know my house is going to be a disaster and stressful as she adjusts and gets trained (by me I'm sure) to do her duties outside, (Puppy not the daughter!lol)
    Hang in there. Your remodel will be over soon and you can relax just in time for the Holidays. Can't wait to see the shelf - stair tread? Never thought of that.
    Have a great day - Jeannette

  2. Ha! I bought my mom a puppy for her birthday the year I turned 19 - after she said I couldn't have one. Thought I was soooo tricky -my parents weren't too pleased at the time, but my mom & dad ended up loving that dog long after I moved away for good! He was there absolute favorite dog and they had many in their 60+ years of marriage!

  3. I know that must be difficult watching your daughter drive away like that. My son is going to a college near us so he doesn't have to move away. Your kitchen changes are well on their way! Looking forward to the big reveal when it's ready.