Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Good, The Bad, & Uhhhhgggglllyyyy!

Happy Sunday y'all! It was the most beautiful fall weekend around this weather! Such a welcome change after the beastly heat of the summer.

Today I am excited to share with you my stair tread shelf reveal!

It started like this....
And now looks likes this....

I started out thinking I was just going to wood stain it, but this room was starting to get just a little to "woody" - and the floors that are going in next month would (or "wood!") only make it more so.  Out came a can of apple green spray, some gel stain, and a few coats of the pop of color. Total cost was about $20!

Now, for whatever reason my (gorgeous!) new sofa is looking like something straight out of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - but really, it is not.  I think it is my cheap thrifty point and shoot that is distoring the picture. It is really much more subtle.  The "frame" holding the 'W' is an old grain sifter - really neat up close and personal.  I will have to give it it's own photo shoot someday.  My dad found it in an old barn and gave to me for FREE years ago. The outside is several rings of wood, and the center is thick screening. Love this piece. It is camoflauging our cold air return (bleack!) - and again, the camera really makes that thing stand out.  When you are in the room, you'd be hard pressed to even know it was there.  Hubby tells me I can't cover it up completely because it is a necessary evil in Wisconsin!

This arrangement hides one of our old school surround sound speakers.  Another thorn in my side! Someday we will replace it with a flat, paintable one.  But for now, we camo it up!

And now the bad and ugly!

Too gross to be color picture worthy! This first floor remodel, as I have said before, has turned my house into a pit of horror! Unfinished projects are e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! Chaos! Mayhem! I took off my cabinet doors and took them to my glass man (hey, I have a glass man now! I am feeling pretty HGTV!) and he is installing glass panels in a clear glass called winterlake - kind of on the seedy glass vein. And even more excitement this week - my granite guy (and I have  a granite guy, too! Pinch me!) is coming to do the template - then two weeks from now the counters will be installed.   So the mess will continue for awhile, but I am okay with that - I am grateful that all these nifty changes are coming my way!

Thanks for checking in!

Wishing you happiness,

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  1. Love your shelf painted green. It looks so pretty all dressed up with the roosters. Great idea!

  2. I think your green shelf looks lovely! Really like that pop of color.

    Good luck on your kitchen remodel!

  3. Jane,
    Love your green shelf. I think it's the perfect color! (of course, green is my favorite color!) Isn't it great too, that we can camouflage things? :)
    So excited for you on your kitchen remodel! Looking forward to seeing it done.

  4. Your green shelf came out very nicely. Love the pic with your red basket and the rooster, nice

    wow, how exciting a kitchen redo. Yea that must be a thrill to have a glass and granite man!!
    Not many people can say that! lol
    Hope everything comes out just the way you want it to or even better!!

    blessings, Nellie

  5. Morning Jane!

    Love the color of that shelf - great idea on the stair tread and the brackets are the perfect touch. Adore the plaid in your couch - I wish I had held out and found something more colorful than the neutral tweed I recently bought - boring!!!

    Looking forward to seeing everything when you are finished. I know how chaos can get on the nerves!lol

    Have a fun week

  6. That stair tread is fabulous, I love it, what a great idea. I don't think the kitchen looks bad, I am sure it is much better than a few that I have had. lol Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty