Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let the Patio Demo Begin

Well, spring has been slow to arrive in my part of the world, but that hasn't stopped Mr. Bluebird and I from planning some major yard renovations.  After ten years, we have decided to have our existing patio completely  ripped out and replaced with cobblestone pavers. Our existing concrete was starting to shift toward the house and we didn't want to risk water getting in.

Here's a little look back on last summer, when everything was lush and summer was in full swing.

Today, we took down our metal gazebo frame and started clearing out all the patio junk. We've also taken down our pool and will fill the area in, add grass seed, and landscape. We will miss the pool, but now that our daughter is in college, it just didn't get much use.

A view from our backyard looking toward the house.  Everything you see (except Mr. Bluebird!) is being torn out and replaced. We are also doubling the size of the patio area.

Looking out our kitchen window, this is the messy view of today.  Looking forward to something like this in the next month or so:


We are adding an open air gazebo, as shown in the photo, but with stone pillars, and also a large seat wall.  In the end, it will be very similar to the picture.

Pretty exciting stuff for us.  We usually are the do it yourselfers, but this seemed like a big undertaking and with Mr. Bluebird having major back surgery last summer, it also seemed just a bit too risky. 

I will keep you posted on the progress! Hopefully the demo will start this week if the weather holds.  We have had rain and more rain the last two weeks, but fortunately we live on a hill with great drainage and we also had a good two and a half days without any significant rain.  Can't wait to enjoy a Pina Colada on our new patio!

Wishing you happiness,

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  1. Oh- Jane- That is going to be wonderful. I suppose it was sort of hard letting the pool go because of all the family memories attached to it. Blessings to you- xo Diana