Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Guest Room Progress

Way, way, way in March, I shared my plan and inspiration for re-doing our guest room here. I really didn't intend for this project to linger as long as it has, since I do not need to repaint or replace flooring, or anything major like that.  Just a décor re-do.  But here we are on  October 1st and the transformation has been a slow go.
I have finished my new-so curtain panels from a Target tablecloth (although I am pretty sure I will be adding a lining to give them a little more substance and to help buffer the northern breezes.)  Even if  I don't get to that for awhile, they have a marvelous drape and weight just the way they are. I will be changing out the rod because the existing one just isn't strong enough for the weight and is a bit droopy.
Besides the curtains, we did make a little addition this past weekend that I am over the moon about.  I purchased a mason jar pendant light from Piper Classics, which Mr. Bluebird put up for me.

I thought it would add a bit of charm over the desk and anytime I can use an Edison style light bulb I am all over it!  The lamp cord is an old fashioned cloth style  and it is suspended from a vintage-y pulley system, so it can be raised or lowered.

Here the lamp is up close and personal - so cute, I think!


I apologize for the next pic - pretty bad, but hopefully you will get the idea.  The cord will relax quite a bit now that it is out of it's packaging.

Such a pretty glow at night - it is the first room you see when coming up the stairs at our house. It also looks very cozy from the outside of the house, too - bonus!

I am working on the headboard today, and still have a few other things to do before I call the room complete.  Hopefully I will do a full reveal by the end of the month, but no promises there!  For such a small room (10X12), it sure has been a long process.

If you are interested in the light I have used or other vintage-y style lighting, check out Piper Classics
they have some wonderful pieces and other home décor at great prices. Super fast delivery too!

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  1. I love the little mason jar light, how clever of you and how wonderful of your hubby to install it for you, it sure turned out great..Love the look...Phyllis

  2. Love the new light! Thanks so much for sharing. What a nice husband to install it for you.
    Stop by my blog and see my fall dishes.

  3. I love this light, how cute and how fun. Love your fabrics on the window too. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. The light is adorable and I can't wait to see the new curtains.

  5. Love the patterns and color and that lighting is perfect!

  6. Jane- It i s all looking just great. I LOVE that light and all the colors and fabrics you are using. So far- so good and I know you won't disappoint in finishing it-. xo Diana