Saturday, January 25, 2014

Planning: Master Bedroom Changes

Hi everyone!  This time of year I am always in major nesting mode - organizing, cleaning, re-doing, and improving around the house.  We have had a very harsh winter around here and I think my "nesting-it is"  has reached epic proportions! How about you - are you nesting the winter away?

We have finally finished our hallway project and I am excited to reveal that to you all in the next day or two.  With that project done, I am looking to the "what's next" and I think it will be our master bedroom.

I gave it a decorating re-do last year and to be honest, it just has left me cold.  I do not like it at all. I can only laugh because I revealed it to you in a post called January Nesting of all things! It is waaaayyyy too dark (even for me) and does not give the serene, cozy atmosphere I am looking to achieve.

So anyway.......I was browsing through Pottery Barn's clearance online and came across some items from their Chalet Paisley collection.

As you know, I am forever drawn to these colors - the burgundy's and gold's.  I picked up a few tablecloths that I will sew into curtain panels.  I also bought a table runner and had it monogrammed.  I will use part of the runner to stitch up a pillow and the remaining fabric will be used for a little window topper for our adjoining master bath. The fabric has a tiny bit of gray in it, so I think I envision some black toile plates on one of the walls.....

I also picked up a white matelassé coverlet for the bed.  A great deal from Home Goods at only $39.99!  I think it will keep the room from getting too heavy with the dark fabrics.  Mr. Bluebird will be enlisted to help me out with a little carpentry project I have in mind for one of the walls and I plan on painting them Benjamin Moore Subtle.

It reads a bit on the peachy side on-screen, but it is a beautiful creamy vanilla with just the slightest yellow undertone.  We used it to have our oak kitchen cabinets painted here.  It will be a refreshing touch after the dark gray I painted our room last year.  I think (but can't guarantee!) it will be a longer lasting change to our room.
I am so looking forward to a softer, yet color infused, master bedroom!  It will be a month or so before I can actually start putting this plan in place, but you can be sure I will be sharing it with you eventually!
Thanks for stopping by,