Thursday, January 2, 2014

Time for a Clean Slate

Hi everyone!
This morning I was kind of wandering around the house just sort of pondering the condition of my house.  As I passed from area to area, I came to one and ONLY  one possible conclusion.
My house is in desperate need of a:


(I can't believe I am showing you this closet - ugh! An embarrassment and a disaster all rolled into one!)

And then there's my baking after Christmas crash! I am thinking that opened bag of mini marshmallows will be approaching the rock hard stage very soon.

 Oh, there are many other hidey-holes of disaster lurking behind closed doors, drawers, and cubbies in my house that I will spare you from!  Good grief! I don't have that many readers as it is, I don't want to scare the few followers away now do I? No. No. I do not.
My mission in 2014 is to tame the messies and clutters away.  It actually is a daunting task because once you are done with some organizing, you aren't really done.  You're never really done.  Keeping it organized is the true battle!!!
So, join me on my de-cluttering and re-organizing war (yes, this is WAR!!!).  My goal is to clean or organize something every day. It doesn't mean the basement will be done in a day, or the garage, or the master closet.  But, I am will attempting to take care of something I am think 365 of de-junking will look impressive come Dec. 31st.
I will share pics of my accomplishments here every Monday!!! I am sure you will be anxiously awaiting those posts!
Anyway, here I go!
Thanks for stopping by,




  1. Don't feel bad all my closets, cub-bards are worse looking than yours. That is one of my items on my to-do list. I am clearing the decks as I need to get rid of alot of stuff now that I am olden. Otherwise my son will have a dumpster out in front of the house and everything will go in there after I die LOL.
    I know that I get busy and I just shove it in and go on.

    Happy cleaning.and your not alone.

  2. The hardest part is just getting started, I think.... at least it is for me. Once you get going it is actually freeing to let go of the clutter. As you say, KEEPING it up is challenging and the most important part. It seems once we think we are "finished",,,, it is time to start back at the first thing/ place we organized to begin with.
    Good luck! I am feeling inspired, and will watch for your Monday posts!

  3. Well I think you'll get it done since you've made a point to put it in black and white now! LOL! I am always making lists of things I need to do. Unfortunately, just as one item gets marked off another one replaces it. You will feel so good to get your closets cleaned out. I've done that before and it made me feel like I had a new house!