Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Getting Smashed After Surgery

Oh dear, perhaps I should re-think the title of this post, lest you think I am hitting the bottle after my gallbladder surgery a few days ago! Fear not, dear readers - I am tea-totaling it all the way, but I still have spent some time getting "smashed" - oh yes, I have!

While preparing for the downtime after my surgery, I was shopping around for something creative to do while lounging around and came across K&Company Smash Books at the near by Target store.  I am a little late getting to the Smash Book party, but I had been intrigued by the concept of just kind of "smashing" ideas, clippings, photos, what not into a scrapbook of sorts.

Like many of you, I love the idea of scrapbooking. I want to be good at scrapbooking. I want to keep up with scrapbooking.  But. I. Just. Can't. Do. It.  So the Smash book concept is perfect for me!

I paid about $20.00 for a Smash Book Kit. It came with a beautifully bound scrapbook with lots of pretty pages, a pen/gluestick combo, and a large assortment of "extras" to add in here and there.

It has been about five days since my surgery, and today was the first day I really had an extra energy. So, I gathered up a few magazines and catalogs, and started clipping away at some images I wanted to put into my book.

Don't you just LOVE that pink typewriter? It was spray painted pink! That is definitely on my radar to try. I'm thinking turquoise or a pretty cream.

Another image that I loved.  It has all the colors in my living room, but has a much lighter feel.  Look at the shells in the bookshelf.

I glued in a cute little "adore" label to this page.

A glue stick is attached to the opposite end of the pen that comes with the kit.  You can get a ton of different colored pens to use in the Smash Book.

I made a page of vintage things I will be searching out this year to add to my own home.

There are no shortage of "extras" you can purchase to beautify and personalize your book - washi tapes, stickers, medals, and so much more.

Now, you can go on Pinterest and there are tons and tons of ideas to make your Smash Book a work of art.  I am currently staying away - because I am happy with the no pressure, no rules of just randomly "smashing" in  bits and pieces of things I like. It reminds of the scrapbooks I used to make as a kid, filled with Partridge Family clippings and birthday party invitations.

It has been a fun distraction during my recovery for me and a wonderful creative outlet too. about you? Have you started a Smash Book?

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  1. That looks like fun! Love the pink typewriter. Hubby has an old one kicking around that I can't convince him to get rid of - maybe I will paint it pink ;) Have a great week!

    1. Thanks so much - I think a pink typewriter would be the bomb!

  2. A pink typewriter what a good idea.

  3. Love this....have fun and heal fast!

  4. Hope you are recovering quickly, Jane. I got hooked on Smash Books about a year ago! I think they are so much fun. I use one of mine just for scrapbooking & card making ideas. Do you have an old typewriter? I've been looking at them on Craig's List but don't know how difficult it might be to get the ribbons. Do you have any problems with that?

    1. Thanks, Carol, I am doing great - back to work in a few days and I will be ready! I don't have an old typewriter yet, but I am on the hunt for one. Not sure about finding the old cloth ribbons anymore....maybe an etsy shop?

  5. I've never heard of a smash book before! I don't do scrapbooking though so maybe that's why I'm not familiar with it. So glad that you were able to find one and get started with it though. I have saved magazine clippings in a binder, but that's about it. That book sounds a lot nicer. Glad that you're starting to feel better after your surgery too.

  6. I got into scrapbooking when my oldest was little, but I fell way behind over the years. I hope you have a good recovery and feel better soon! Dee :)

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    1. I can make it as simple or as extravagant as you want!