Monday, February 17, 2014

Will it Go 'Round in Circles?

Hi Everyone!

Well, we are bracing for another 4 to 6 inches of snow around here today - ugh! It has been quite the winter with the sub zero temps and the snow, snow, and more snow.  Hopefully spring is waiting around the corner.  Not so sure today though!  Lucky me, at least, today I am snug at home and don't have to be out in the elements.

I  have been lusting after this chandelier from Ballard's for at least the last  six months.

Our house, being a saltbox style, is very angular - lots of straight lines.  I thought the orb shape of this fixture would be the perfect foil to all the straightness and would look perfect in our front entry.  However, it was a bit pricey for my taste, so I waited and waited for it to "really" go on sale.  Sadly, because it is one of their featured products, their coupons can't be used on this item. Boo to that!
This is the fixture that I originally picked out when we built our home 12 or so years ago.  Loved it at the time, but in time I grew to realize it was actually one of the much maligned "boob" lights - just one that was all prettied up.  Still, a boob is a boob.  It had to go!  (I hate the word boob - don't know why, just do.  But in the case of this light, it is what is! A boob light!)
Then, a few weeks ago while I was recovering from surgery, Mr. Bluebird said I should just go ahead and order the light and that would be my Valentine's gift from him to me.  Well, I thought why not? But I hemmed and hawed for a few more days.  Thankfully!
Because low and behold Wayfair featured the same chandelier on one of their daily deals at a substantial price reduction, plus I found a 15% online coupon, and there was free shipping to boot! I couldn't place my order fast enough!  Thank goodness I procrastinated a bit, but I scored quite the deal!
So.......yesterday, Mr. Bluebird got out his trusty ladder and tools and installed the light in our foyer.
Here he is, looking all sorts of proud! He even has a "sunny" glow around him because he is the master of home improvement, lol!

This is the light up close, as you are coming down the stairs.  We added a ceiling medallion to accent the light a bit.  It is actually plastic and cost under $7.00!  (I still need to caulk, so forgive me!) I painted in Benjamin Moore Subtle, which is the color of our cabinets and eventually will be the trim color throughout our house.  I am over the moon about this combo!

So there you have it, in all of it's glory! I just love how it changed up this area and the circle shape has me swooning all over the place!

What's up in your house today?

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  1. Glad your recovering well and that you love your new lighting! I have a big one in our staircase and I absolutely adore it!

  2. I like to check out lighting in shops and clocks too, I buy lots of clocks but never lights, I not sure why.

  3. Oh- I just love that! I am so glad you waited and got a good deal-that makes it all the sweeter!!!! It looks great in place and how nice that the Mr is handy enough to do an install for you. I have a couple of boob lights I need to get rid of, too...another boob, too, but that's a different story-...and some ceiling fans! I will probably replace them just before we sell-that seems to be the way things always happen around here. xo Diana

  4. Love the new light, how fun is that. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty