Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Neat Vintage Find

Hi everyone!

I made a quick out and about last Friday to one of  my favorite antique malls, Waukesha Antique Mall.  I have written about this store in the past - it is the bomb!  It is housed in an old grocery store and it's huge, has good prices, and some really terrific vendors.

If you are in the southeastern Wisconsin area, it is really worth checking out!

Soooooo annnyyyyywayyyy, I had actually stopped in last Friday in hopes that an old wooden trunk I had my eye on (the day before) was still there, but sadly, it was not. I was sort of sure it was what I wanted, but I decided to sleep on it. The store has a sign that says, "The time to buy any antique is now."  Lesson learned.  What's a girl to do?

I was in search for a bench, trunk - something to use for an idea I had in my mind for our master mini re-do. Not too far into the store was this chippy beauty:

A low bench, made out of old signage.  It says Vincent.  I just love the graphic quality and the worn, shabby look of it. It is a far cry from the natural wood finished, somewhat formal appearance of the trunk I missed out on.  And, do you know? I think I like this one so much better.  Our master has a lot of dark furniture going on already, and this old vintage piece is just the perfect foil for that.

This new bench and it's new "home" will involve this picture I picked up at Home Goods. It tugs at my heart strings - Mr. Bluebird used to sing that to me when we were first married.  (Awwww....) What a sweet addition to our master bedroom. I think the graphic quality of the picture will be the perfect partner to the bench.

And, my little, faux woodburner that I have had in our master for years will also be featured with these other items.  (You can see my newly finished drapery panels to the right - made from PB tablecloths! *reveal coming soon*) It really adds a coziness in the fall, and you can use it with or without heat - so sometimes during cold mornings, I will turn the heat on to take the chill out while I am getting ready for the day. I will be oiling up my bench - at least where the natural wood is exposed with my Parker's Furniture Oil, which you can also see in the lower right of this picture.  Great stuff!

I am busy today working on this area of our master and hope to reveal soon.  I am pretty excited about it!

Have a wonderful day - and remember, to grab those one of kind items when you see them!

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  1. Love the VINCENT bench you found! Can't wait to see it in your space!

    1. Thanks, Vel. I ended up goofing today away - so no reveal quite yet. Had to enjoy the summer day first.

  2. Wonderful goodies you found. We call it the customer jinx...when a customer looks at an antique in our store for a long tme...we call it the customer jinx. True story, we had a customer come in twice the same day looking at some thing. The second time I reminded him of our layaway. He said he walked out the door, another customer walked in and bought the piece he was just looking at...customer jinx. Janice

    1. Oh yeah, the old "you snooze, you lose!" I usually grab it when I see it, but I drug my feet a little on this one. In the end, I am happier with what I ended up with. So funny about your customer!!! The antique mall told me a new priest had purchased the trunk, so maybe there was some divine intervention going on, lol!