Friday, July 25, 2014

Christmas in July

Hi everyone!  Since today is July 25th, I thought we would go back in time and take a look at my most viewed post ever - from December 2012.  Merry Christmas in July!  Jane

Greetings everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas filled with love. Join me for a mini Christmas round up of decor for 2012.  Still recovering from a bout with pneumonia (which is taking for-eva!), so the decor frenzy was a little subdued this year, but to quote Dr. Suess, "Christmas came.  It came just the same." So, will be hitting up the after Xmas sales and letting the planning begin for next year!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays From Our Home to Yours!
As always, thanks for stopping by my humble little blog.

Wishing you happiness,

Joining up with this fun, Christmas in July party:

Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive 365


  1. Jane- Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I see that you are from snow? It is snowing here as I type. I am glad you found me cuz now I found you back and I am your newest follower. Diana ps. Your home looks a lot like my daughter's home.

  2. Everything looks so festive - even the cats seem to want to be a part of it as well!! hee hee I didn't get much decorating done at all.

    We have that same pot rack light fixture above our stove, but yours looks nicer.

  3. Great pictures :) Christmas time is so fun!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. All of your decorations are so lovely. Hope you are feeling better and wish you a Very Happy New Year. Hugs, Marty

  5. I just found your blog thru Infuse with Liz, my blogging buddy. Your Christmas decor is delightful and so festive. it's such a shame you have been ill. I hope you are on the way to feeling good real soon. Your newest follower, Linda

  6. Your decorations are beautiful and those kitties are darling! I hope you are feeling better! Best wishes for a happy new year!

  7. Hi Jane. Thank you for your lovely comments to me and I hope you are really feeling better. Looks like you did a lot even though you were under the weather, but we'll say you didn't so you can really take advantage of that after Christmas shopping! Been known to do some of that myself! Looking forward to visiting with you more in the new year..Judy

  8. Love it all, so warm and inviting.

  9. Gosh, it's hard to believe that we're less than half a year away from Christmas 2014! Your home looked so pretty decorated last year.

  10. Your home was just gorgeous. I am so anxious for Christmas to come around. I loved looking at all of your pretties...the plaid tablecloth stole my heart and I could see just a corner of a Christmas cook book that I have. : ) Now I am anxious to see what you do to your home this Christmas. :)

    1. Thanks so much! Christmas will be here before you know it, for sure. I do have my Christmas cards all done and ready to go - got them done in January, lol! Now, I will just have to FIND them come December!

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