Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tale of a Distracted Blogger

Hi everyone!

Oh my,  I have been trying to do a little "re-do" of our master bedroom since the beginning of 2014 and it has been a slow-oh-oh-oh process.  I really haven't shown much of what I have done with you all - I've made & hung drapery panels, utilized an old bench I found into a cool feature, spray painted some favorite old lamps, and even went so far as put my new bedding on the bed! I am {this close} to being finished and ready to reveal - but I have to confess, I am a distracted blogger!

My projects usually get done - but often I jump into a new project - or two - before finishing the first one I've started!  So goes the tale of our master bedroom.  But enough complaining - I am who I am!!!!

So what has me distracted now?  Well.....I had a doctor's appointment in town today and afterward, I had enough get up & go to hit up JoAnn's.  I have been wanting to replace the fabric on my kitchen chairs for quite some time now, and so I thought I would take a look around.  None of their upholstery fabrics were on sale this week and I didn't have a coupon, so I went browsing the deal aisle.  Jackpot! All of the outdoor fabrics were on sale this week for $9.99/yard - and I only needed 3 yards.  It normally sells for $19.99 a yard.  I found the perfect fabric to coordinate with my living room fabrics, which my kitchen opens into.

This is the fabric that currently is on our chairs.  It is a pretty chocolate tapestry that has worn like iron these past few years, but I am craving a lighter, brighter look in the kitchen.

Here is another view, not the best picture, but I wanted you to see that the fabric matches my husband's tv chair and this fabric really was a good choice a few years back.  Thankfully these chairs are easy to change the fabric out on -just unscrew the seats, staple, staple, and done! While the seats are off, the chairs are also going to have a visit with the paint can.  I may keep them black, but I am also considering a few other colors.  Hmmm........

 I placed the new fabric on my sofa, along with a pillow that is in the same fabric as my love seat in the same room.  I think it will make a pretty addition. Of course, I also picked up some other treasures at JoAnn's.

My kitchen drapery panels are Pottery Barn's Alessandra pattern in gold.  I have had mine for several years, but they are currently on clearance if you are interested.

The wooden box was originally $16.99, then marked down 70% with an additional 20% off after that - bringing my cost to about $3.00!  I also picked up some fall paper goods - owl napkins, and bird paper plates. (Did you know I am a paper plate and napkin-a-holic? Yes, I am! I have all my paper napkins filed in filing bins, arranged by season, color, and size!) I also picked up a sweet, fall berry candle ring - lots of uses for that, and in my house, with my color scheme, I really could use it all year.

A close up of the chair fabric - I love the pop of orange!

I probably won't get to this project until Labor Day weekend - I am going to enlist Mr. Bluebird's help, as I haven't been a little down and out healthwise as of late.  And of course, I am a "distracted blogger!"

Are you like me? Lots of projects, not enough time?  Distracted?

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  1. Funny! You sound like my Mom! She is also a paper plate/napkin-aholic! She said she's not skimping on her paperplates. I like your new chair fabric. Very cheerful! And you are not alone! I'm so distracted ... everyday of my life!

    1. I am glad I am not alone, Sherry! I just love paper napkins!

  2. I have projects everywhere...cannot wait to see your redo. You scored big time on the fabric.Janice

    1. Those darn projects - I am always cooking something up before I finish! Thanks for the sweet compliment on my fabric - I love it.

  3. I am a napkin/tea towel hoarder. I cannot walk by the aisle without picking up a few. Looking forward to seeing your updates.

    1. Oh yeah, love the tea towel thing too!!! Home Goods gets me every time (and World Market)!