Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Blessings

Well......the last package has been wrapped, the decorating is as done as it's going to get, the shopping frenzy is over. Christmas is finally here!

For me, I will be quietly celebrating with Mr. Bluebird and our daughter today. Tomorrow, we will host a small dinner party, and then on Sunday we will open the doors for a large extended family, full on party and Packer watching extravaganza!

I want to wish you all a wonderful, joyful Christmas. Thank you for stopping by my blog and spending time with me. I appreciate every visit!  I am hoping to have more time to devote to my blog in 2015, starting with a complete page design overhaul and improved photography, courtesy of my shiny, new Canon Rebel!  It will be awhile before I figure out all the nuances and capabilities of this camera, but I will get there! (I hope...)

Merry Christmas to you and yours - may God bless you,


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