Monday, March 30, 2015

Good Night John-Boy (A Quest to Create a Relaxing Retreat)

Hi everyone!

Any of you remember the tv show "The Waltons?" If you do, you know the show always ended at night and one by one the family would say goonight to one another until the last light was turned off. It was a comforting ritual, knowing everyone was snug in their beds, safe and sound.

I've been thinking about the Walton's  night time ritual and about my own bedtime routine. We built our home thirteen years ago and frankly, I have never been thrilled with the decor - and I have made many paint, bedding, furniture and accessory changes in that time. So, I am planning an overhaul this year and hope to finally get it right. I am fortunate that I love my bedroom furniture which means this will just be a cosmetic change.  

I have found some beautiful inspiration online. In this room, I am seriously crushing on the green wallcolor and simple window treatments. 


Oh my! Love the green again and the black toile. I already have a Pottery Barn toile quilt and shame - 're-using that would be a big moneymaker.

Confessions of a Plate Addict (Be sure to check out this blog - Debbie has a beautiful home!)

I do like my quilts and this one has been on my radar for awhile. I would say the dust ruffle is a big no for me,  which is okay, as I don't use one with my bed.

Another quilt I am always drawn to...but there's that crazy dust ruffle again. What's up with that? 


I adore these shams and duvets from Parachute. Done in a very high end and luxurious fabric, they would give a quiet and simple farmhouse look to our master.

I am thinking a few niceties need to be added - like a great sound system!

And a soothing, relaxing and sleep-inducing pillow mist would be a luxurious touch as well.

I have some other large home projects to do before I tackle my master redo, but I am determined to come up with a plan for a beautiful, peaceful retreat. I hope to get to this before the end of summer.

Here is a picture of our room a few years ago. It's okay, but definitely not a homerun.

This picture was taken in early February of a different area of the room.. The decor has changed from above. Again, it's ok. But just ok. It's too much - too much stuff, too much color, TOO MUCH! 

I will keep you posted on my quest for a master bedroom I can love. I know I am not even close to a plan. I just know I will be practicing restraint and keeping it simple.

I am looking forward to ending our days feeling safe, secure and loved.

Goodnight John Boy.

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  1. Isn't it funny how all of a sudden we just get that BUG? I did that with y bedroom this last winter..(late fall actually). I went to off white bedding and used a soft, soft blue ...I have not had blue in YEARS..and have had green for a long time..but the blues called to me and hubby loves it an so do I.

  2. My sister just redid the master bedroom in her home. Out mother had used this room when she lived with her and now that she is living with another sister - she finally gets to reclaim THE master bedroom! Guess what colors she used? Burgundy and YELLOW!!! And it looks GREAT!! Go with your gut feeling! Can't wait to see what you do!

  3. I love how you related your ideas of comfort to the Walton's.

  4. Well, I have been a fan of the Walton's from the beginning...I still watch reruns when I can on Hallmark! Bedroom scene #2 took my breath the green with black toile combo. Good luck making your choice...Happy Easter, too!

  5. Love the first two pictures!! Also, you might check the master bedroom at
    (21 Rosemary Lane) She did a beautiful bedroom makeover last summer....
    I guess you figured out that after red, green is my favorite color :^)
    Thank you for the lovely pictures, and I am going to look for that pillow looks luxurious!!

  6. Hi Miss Jane: Our family always was front and center when it was time for the Walton's, sitting on our Chesterfield. HaHa! And we have ended many a day saying goodnight to everyone and then adding John-Boy's name to the mix. I love the toile and know what you mean about paring down a bit. I can't give up the color, but am really trying to cut down on too much fussiness!! May be a losing battle, we'll see..Happy Easter..Judy

  7. I love quilts too! I have a couple for our master bedroom and switch them out depending on the season. I also have a heavy "designer" set which we hate. It looks wonderful, but we have to remove the bedding each night. It is just too heavy. Quilts can be layered for added warmth if needed. I look forward to seeing your bedroom re-do!
    Happy Easter and Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse