Sunday, March 29, 2015

Marshalls and My Saturday

Hi Everyone!

It isn't very often that I willingly get up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning, but yesterday was one of those exceptions.  I was invited to an event that was highlighting TJ Maxx/Marshalls customer rewards program.  You can learn all of the details at TJX Access, but the short story of it all is that when you shop at any of their affiliate stores and show them your Access card you qualify for special benefits, events and deals. (It's all about the deals!) It is just a rewards card and is not a credit card.

Anyway, back to Saturday!  The event started at 7:30 and the nearest Marshalls to me is thirty minutes away. Once I loaded up on coffee, showered and made myself presentable, I was off to see what I could see. (And shoot! My car needed gas! That's what I get for putting it off.)

When I arrived, I was given a complimentary shopping bag. (I was hoping there were some surprises inside - I'm greedy that way - but no such luck!)

I was greeted by a cute little breakfast buffet.  I grabbed a water bottle and hit the ground running!

Since this was an invitation only event, there weren't many people in the store.  But there were lots of employees bringing out rack upon rack of new clothes and fun displays of home decor. The store was overflowing with great displays and loads of new merch.

I'm ready for summer - this display makes me long for warm days and flip flops.

The pops of orange in this display, along with those gorgeous oversized lanterns,  had my heart skipping a few beats.

I fell in love with these beautiful ceramic pieces.  The vibrant and cheery colors really got me.

Orange and white - such a pretty color combination for spring and summer.  Check out those orange and hot pink chairs!  They wouldn't work in my house, but I think they are so fun.

There were several pieces I could have (should have?) brought home with me, but what I really needed was a few wardrobe pieces.  I had a shower to attend later in the day and I hoped to pick up a fine gauge sweater to wear to it and that would also carry me through spring.

I found this cute black and white three quarter length sleeve sweater. I think it was a steal at $16.99!

I also picked up a white and navy cardigan.  It is a tee shirt material and very lightweight.I will be putting it to use on our upcoming vacation, and I think it will be a wardrobe workhorse this spring and summer.  Not bad for under twenty dollars.

Lastly, I found a case for sunglasses.  I am forever throwing them in my purse and always end up with dirty and/or scratched lenses.  I also picked up a cute pair of coral and navy animal print Steve Madden sunglasses.  These were my deal of the day at $9.99 - similar Steve Madden styles are around $40.00 elsewhere.

It was  a super fun morning spent in one of my favorite stores and I so appreciated the invite to see what their Access events are about.  I would definitely go again!  Be sure to check out their program here; it's free and definitely worth your while.

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  1. Wow, what a great morning for shopping. Love the sweater.

  2. Jane, I never even knew that did that! WHAT FUN!! Love the shirt and sweater. I really love those sunglasses, too. Great buy on those. Hope you went back and ate breakfast after you shopped. xo Diana

  3. I never knew you could get REWARDS at Marshalls and TJ!! OI practically live there! I am going to check it out right now! Thanks!!!!

  4. I need to check it out! I have been going to Home Goods when I venture past thrift stores!

  5. I never knew they did that either! Love your sweaters. Sounds like fun!


  6. I see some things I love, wish I had been there too! Love the sweater and the SM sunglasses are adorable!

  7. Jane, looks like a really fun day and your got some great bargains. Love the navy and white sweater. Really like the length of it.Happy Monday..Judy

  8. How come I never find a breakfast buffet at our Marshalls?! Love your finds dear!

  9. What a fun event! I loved seeing a tour of the store. Looks like you found some great items too.