Monday, March 23, 2015

S'Mores & Margaritas

Hi everyone!

Well, it was a snowy day in my neck of the woods. I didn't let the white stuff stop me from thinking of warm summer nights and our plans to add on to our outdoor living area this year.  Two summer's ago we completely redid our patio and also added a spacious pavilion. You can read about that in my post, 2013 Patio Reveal.

Here are a few pictures of our backyard:

Pretty isn't it? The one thing we didn't change was our fire pit area.

It has served us well over the years, but once we added the paviliion, if we had a fire it could not be seen from the patio. Thus, we didn't have many fires. 

Fast forward to 2015. Our bank account has recovered and we are ready to add on to our patio and add a new seating area and firepit that will be visible to the entire space.

Now we just need to decide on a fire pit design.

This one is simple and pretty.

Extreme Exteriors

This fireplace is stunning, but a little grand (in looks and budget!) for our simply styled farmhouse.

I love this one, but I am looking for something more curvy.

This is one of my favorites! The whole patio is stunning.

Another gorgeous fireplace. Again, probably too grand for our house.

Extreme Exteriors

All of these pictures were from projects done by our contractor. They are creative geniuses who come up with amazing solutions! We are so happy with the work they have done for us. We are looking forward to seeing what they design for our new addition. We have a meeting with them tomorrow night.

So despite the snow on the ground, I'm think s'mores and margaritas!

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  1. Your patio looks perfect already and adding that firepit will make it even more so!

  2. Oh- a firepit will be wonderful. We have one on our patio, too, and we never used it once last summer. The year just got away from sad!
    Can't wait till you pick a design! We have a major storm coming in tomorrow night- I expect it will hit you, too. xo Diana

  3. I love those fire pits you shared! I told my husband that I would like for him to build us one this year too. There are all kinds of tutorials on it for the DIY crowd. So, he may try his hand at it. We plan on taking down the kids swingset and placing it there. My youngest doesn't use it anymore. I can't wait to see your new fire pit. With it being built by professionals, I'm sure it will be beautiful!!

  4. I love your patio area and those red chairs! Fire adds such warmth to a space. I bet you will pick a style that looks fabulous!

  5. You lucky lady!!!!! It is stunning and you will enjoy for years!! Drooling!!!!!

  6. We did a deck and patio here last year. I am DYING to get a fireplace and I THINK my hubby is on board! I am hoping!!! Yours is beautiful!!!