Sunday, December 27, 2015

Looking Back At 2015 Countdown: #5

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cold, But Cozy

 Hi everyone!

Today has kind of been one of those lazy days at home - puttering around with this and that.  It's a nesting mode. We have hit the deep freeze here in Wisconsin, so a fluffy blanket, fuzzy slippers, magazines and my Kindle are my best friends!

A midst this unfortunate turn in our weather, I have been enjoying the best coffee EVER MADE!  This is a huge endorsement coming from yours truly because I am not a big coffee fan. However, I read somewhere that coffee is good for you and actually can help with weight loss - sign me up on all accounts! This particular flavor for the Keurig is fantastic and smells incredible.  Try it out!!!

I kept this urn filled with evergreen and poinsettias out - I really am enjoying the pop of color and the simplicity of the arrangement. A cheery accent for these cold, blustery days we are experiencing.

Our little "Charlie Brown" tree we planted from just a seedling a few years ago - being brave against the elements! It's only about three feet tall. Just a pipsqueak.

Our garden shed stands strong in the wind and snow.

I have had the cute ceramic kitty in a window in our various homes since 1984!  For the past twelve years, it has peered out of our shed window.  I just love him - so cute.  

And this, ladies and gentleman, is a look at the week ahead for my neck of the woods.  Can you all say "Brrrrr!!!!!"

Time to go snuggle by the fireplace, pick up a magazine, and of course, check out all the inspiration in blogland - I think I will be doing a lot of that this week!


  1. Wow, you must be way up north---we are finally in the 30's in Chicagoland. dang! I do rmeember living in Chippewa Falls and being -54 below and the bottled gas tanks freezing, one reason we moved south.

    I'm with you and the coffee, sitting in my jammies and catching up in blog world. Grins and will have to try the coffee, thanks, Sandi

  2. I can't even imagine such temperatures. Keep warm.

  3. Sounds like a perfect day! I miss snow---we have ice storms predicted for tomorrow...not the same! (:

    Jane x

  4. We are having a little snow mixed with freezing rain. So it is slippery day today. Good day to stay home with a warm throw and some good pinterest and magazines for sure. Have a nice and cozy week as we head on down to the new year.

  5. OMGoodness, that is COLD!!!! We have been above average every day in Dac. except for today!!! We had 75 on Christmas eve and 70 on Christmas, in PA>!!! Crazy! I am puttering around too today. Not taking Christmas down for a couple of weeks but am going through piles of papers and getting rid of old catalogs, magazines, papers etc. Feels good!!! My office is looking much nicer:) Stay warm, Jane. XO, Pinky