Sunday, January 31, 2016

Spring Sprucing

Hi everyone! 
February comes barging in tomorrow and although there is still snow on the ground in these parts, I am ready to start peeling away the winter layers. How about you?

I had a chance to change up my living room shelf the other day. It's been crazy busy around here, so baby steps in decorating progress. I showed you how I made this shelf a few years ago here.

I am planning on continuing the spring sprucing as February rolls on in. Who's ready to dream about warmer weather???

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  1. Hi Jane. What you've done so far looks great! I love your green shelf and the goodies on top.The register on your air vent is really pretty too.

    We've been so lucky here in north Texas with strangely warm temps this year. It was almost 80 this weekend so it already feels like spring.

  2. Your shelf looks awesome. We have been having some 50 degree weather snow and no ice. Janice

  3. I just started with mine too,baby steps is the way to go, and your off to a great start!

  4. I'm loving all the Spring stuff. I'm gradually getting mine started too.