Monday, June 11, 2018

Lavender Everywhere!

Hi everyone!

I am finally off for the summer, so hopefully blogging will become a reality for me again. It's been hard to find the time lately.

 These first weeks are going to be busy ones. We are a hosting an outdoor engagement party and shower at our home for Baby Bluebird and her fiance in early July. I've been buying every lavender and purple annual I can get my hands on, since lavender is her wedding color. I've been  planting like crazy!

Can't miss an opportunity to share a picture of Palmer. He's so cute!

So much planting!

Had to add a bit of my favorite yellow. I think it looks good with all the purplr purples.

I'm also in craft mode for this party! These are just the tip of the supply iceberg!

As you can see, I'm over my head in party prep. We also have several big renos planned around here for the summer.  Hope to share a home decor post soon.

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  1. Keep us posted on the shower. Love all of the purple flowers! Cant wait to see what you do with that pretty ribbon too! Janice

  2. So glad to see you post, Jane! You are in the midst of some exciting times! I love all of your flowers--its nice to meet another gardening enthusiast--or nut!

    Keep us posted on the happy events!


  3. I have missed you! Welcome back!

  4. Hi Jane,
    Glad to see your post this morning. Palmer is adorable. I remember when you go him. I know the shower will be beautiful. Have a great week.

  5. Hello stranger. I'm digging Palmer and loving the flowers and the ribbon. I so need more ribbon around here.

  6. I buy a lot of purple and yellow flowers too, just love that combination! Palmer is a cutie!

  7. Your yard will be lovely---and all the lavenders and greens are gorgeous together. Have fun!

  8. You are so ambitious! I love all the purple flowers and it looks like you’ve got plenty of fun ideas started for the shower!