Friday, August 17, 2012


Just an uber-quickie post today my friends.  I've been talking about the complete re-do of our living room for awhile now, so although it is still in a state of disaster, I thought I show you a glimpse of my fabrics. I have once again fallen for fall color!
Definitely a fall color palette - opposite of what is popular right now. Tried to go that neutral direction, as I have said before, but it just isn't me!  I love it elsewhere (there are so many fabulous bloggers who totally rock that look!), but I need those cozy fall colors. Maybe it's the long winters in Wisconsin!! Hopefully I will do this old color scheme some justice and make it look fresh & new - not all cute and country. (Although, if you like that - I say go for it!)

*One little disclaimer - not sure why the burgandy-ish pillow is reading green, because the plaid is a definite burgandy & mustard combo!

Gotta run - off to a lovely outdoor wedding ceremony.

Wishing you happiness,

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  1. Love the warm colors you have chosen. Looking forward to the reveal.