Thursday, August 23, 2012

Decisions & Indecisions


It has been a fun and stressful few weeks of making decisions about our first floor remodel.  While I am very excited and incredibly grateful to be able to do this, I spend alot of time second guessing my choices.  Ugh!  But, we have finally made the majority of choices and contracted for the work to start late next month. Whoopee!!!

Here is a pic of our kitchen cabinets as they look today. The cabinets themselves are well made and I am happy with the configuration and features.  (They are only ten years old!) So, we are keeping them and having them painted.  Therein lies my greatest indecison!!! I just don't know what color of white to choose.  I've purchased several colors and made sample boards etc., but just not sure.  Any suggestions? I am a warm color decorator, so anything that has gray or taupe in it just isn't going to work.

 We have chosen Black Pearl granite for the counters.  Have you ever been to a granite yard? Oh my gosh - granite overload! But so fun to actually see all the different types and colors of granite.  Mother nature is amazing in her artistry! We chose Black Pearl, first because we wanted black counters and second, it has a fairly uniform pattern and won't compete with other elements in the room - both now and in the future.
For the kitchen, powder room, laundry room, and foyer we chose Mannington Mojave Slate Laminate.  It is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for our family and our crazy pooch with long nails!!  You would be amazed at the strides laminate has made - and I am drawn to the looks as well as the durability. Yum! Love this floor!

In the living area we are installing Shaw Heron Bay Yadkin River Hickory.  This is also a laminate product and it is absolutely stunning.  It will look fantastic with our Wisconsin River Rock fireplace!!  I know you wood purists will shake your head, but I am sold on laminate.  Our current den was used for six years as a dance room for our daughter.  In middle & high school she was a competitive dancer & also danced on the Radiso Disney Dancer team and spent hours practicing her tap & other routines, and there is not so much as a scratch on it!! For my busy house, I'll go with laminate every time.

This is a shot of the foyer.  Here you can see our existing vinyl floor and a tiny peek at our old sofa. (I cannot find a picture of our living room with the old furniture in it - sorry! The new was delivered two weeks ago and I am waiting for the "big reveal" lol!) Our living area has beige builder grade berber carpet.  I can't wait to get rid of the carpet - bye bye ten years of dog & cat hair! So excited to have these upgrades made to our house - it will feel new all over again!

Big changes around here! So much to get done - I need to paint the kitchen and powder room, empty ALL my cabinets, install a new bank of cabinet drawers, etc.,  etc. Fun, but hectic!

I leave with this plea for HELP!!!!!:  Any suggestions on a white paint for my cabinets? Any suggestions welcomed!

Wishing you happiness,

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  1. i like behr silky white and sherwin williams polar bear. polar bear is bright white but silky white is just as its name says...silky white. i use the silky white on the outside trim of my house and polar bear on the interior.

    jennifer @ decorated chaos

  2. Morning Jane! Your choices in flooring and countertop are beautiful. I even LOVE both with your existing cabinets and your black handles tie it together!lol (I know you hired someone to do white-sorry!) I can't help with white because I find it and red the two hardest colors to pick!! I have always wanted a white kitchen - you are lucky your husband has agreed to this. Mine gets a glazed look when I even suggest painting the cabinets!lol I completely agree with you about the berber - I too have it in the family area and I just can't clean it anymore after our 10 years here. Sorry I can't recommend anything!! Can't wait for all your projects to be finished so you can share. Have a fun weekend - Sincerely, Jeannette

  3. I know what you mean about white being hard to pick! Yikes! As for my husband, I've wanted a white kitchen for 30 years and I think after he saw what the bill was going to be for the flooring and granite and other stuff, he was happy (relieved!!) that I wanted to paint my cabs white. I hope I am not disappointed - I am a little scared!!!

  4. Our cabinets are painted white from the mfr, so when we added beadboard to the sides, we had it custom mixed to the paint that was already on them. I like the paint that is on our walls. It is called Linen White from Benjamin Moore. Pottery Barn comes out with a paint color palette every year by Benjamin Moore. They have listed several whites. You might get some ideas from it. Good luck with your decision. You'll probably be fine with whatever you choose since white is fairly easy to live with. You are going to just love your kitchen when it's done, I'm sure!