Sunday, June 15, 2014

Busy Times & Lots of Lists

Hi everyone! I have been so busy lately that, once again, the blog has had to take a backseat to my life! First of all, the end of the school year wrapped up and I was busy at work with end of the year sort of things. Our daughter graduated college and it seemed like every weekend during the month of May involved driving to her college town and attending ceremonies, helping her move, etc.  All amazing,wonderful things....but time consuming!

Isn't she cute?  We are so very proud of her and all that she has accomplished in her college years.

Now that graduation has come and gone, I am knee deep in planning the graduation party that is set for next Saturday.

Lists, lots of lists!

We are expecting a fairly large crowd, so disposable products are the only way to go.  Mr. Bluebird was shocked when he saw the receipt from the party store!

More lists - this one is for our daughter; it is very detailed (so it lives up to Mom's expectations, after all, she has spent the past five years living the college life!).  We are keeping our fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate, as we are really planning on this to be an outside event.  "Plan B" is to move it inside, but it will be a tight squeeze if everyone shows up at the same time, and we have so many cute decorations planned for outside that just won't translate indoors!  It is a come and go open house, so we will make it work. The most important thing is celebrating with our family and friends.

I will be back next week with pictures of the food, cake, and other party decor - we are using a Tiffany & Company theme, so it should be great fun and very girly.

Thanks for stopping by - hope you are all enjoying a happy Father's Day!



  1. Congratulations on her graduation! It feels good, doesn't it? :-) The party sounds like lots of fun...looking forward to seeing the party stuff.

  2. Congratulations to your beautiful daughter. What a pretty girl!! I hope your weather cooperates and you have a nice day for the party. Can't wait to see it! xo Diana

  3. Congrats on all her hard work and proud mom and dad.
    Enjoy your Summer....and party.

  4. You have been missed :-) Congratulations to your pretty daughter!!