Monday, June 16, 2014

Dusty Destiny!

Hi everyone,

As I shared yesterday, I am knee deep in preparations for my daughter's college graduation party this coming weekend. She and I hit up the market early this morning to pick up all the non-perishables for the big cooking fest on Friday, along with beverages, etc.  With that done, we started on a thorough clean of our house - we are having a boat load of folks stopping by and numerous overnight guests, along with a forecast of stormy weather (which could force the party indoors) - so this week is all about the deep clean!!!!

By 3:00 p.m. we were completely out of Endust and my daughter & I were talking about what a bummer it was that we did not pick some up when we were out earlier in the day.  (Well, I was saying it was bummer, but she was jumping for joy because she had been dusting for what seemed like hours!!!!)

My daughter walked out to get the mail and when she came back in, she had in her hand a tiny gift from the heavens:
     a trial size can of

ENDUST! Yes, Endust, my friends!!!!  The kind folks at Wayfair somehow intuitively knew I would be needing this little can of cleaning gold today! Talk about a great retailer! Ha ha!

I mean, really, what are the chances?

As you can see from this photo (yes, I am posting this photo of my dusty shelf!), we are in major need of a dusting! Lol!

Anyway, I off to do more cleaning, but I thought I would share the cleaning chuckle of the day. And thanks Wayfair for somehow knowing what your customer needs.....and to send it off for FREE!!! Woo hoo!

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Jane- That is the funniest thing I have heard today. It shows me that God has a sense of humor AND answers prayers! Happy Dusting! This reminds me- I need Endust the next time I go to the market. lol xo Diana

  2. What a great product Jane! thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! What were the odds of that happening?! I'm not sure when your daughters graduation was last week, but hope it went well and the weather held off for it. Congrats to your daughter!