Sunday, June 29, 2014

Early Summer Blooms

Summer has been slow to come to Wisconsin this year, but I think the weather has been turning around the past few days!  I still haven't "summerized" the yard completely, but there are a few blooms and pretty things happening at the Bluebird household.  

Love this little baker's rack, near our front sitting area.  I haven't used red in recent summers in front, but I really like it this year! It just is so cheery.

Our club chair sitting area at the front of the house.  I have several sets of cushions for these chairs, but have opted to keep things simple for awhile.  I am planning on putting my red paisley cushions out this week for the fourth though......(simplicity is coming to an end)!

A little snippet of our backyard as you come through the arbor.  Three of our hostas are being a little poky this year, but look at the beauty to the left - gorgeous.

Our firepit is just beyond the arbor and is so relaxing both night and day.  It really takes in the vista of our backyard.  The Pottery Barn bolsters are new this summer, and I am kind of liking the fact that they are a bit oversized.

This maple tree was grown from a "helicopter" that seeded itself in my daughter's sandbox at our old house.
We scooped it up into a coffee can, added some dirt, and nurtured it for a year before we could plant it at this house.  Thirteen years later, it is a glorious tree - and a special reminder of her childhood.  Below it, I have two "little girl" garden statues - another reminder of our once little girl!

A cozy lounger near our patio door.  The zinnias behind it are starting to take off and should fill in to a pretty little hedge in a month or so.  Love zinnias!  The two blue mercury glass gazing balls are part of a three piece set and light up at night.  Their shimmer is so relaxing to watch after a long day.

My Pier One Casbah chairs from last summer.  They stayed out all winter and still look like brand new! I absolutely adore them - and with their cushions, they are incredibly comfy!

This year's window box arrangement for our garden shed.  I love my little ceramic kitty peeking out the window.  I have had him for over thirty years and he is one of my prized possessions.

I found an absolutely fabulous garden center this year for my hanging baskets.  The man who owns the shop grows everything from seed and/or cuttings from the prior year's plants.  I had driven past this nursery for years, just assuming I could not afford his prices - that's how beautiful his hanging baskets are.  But, this year has been a tough year for annual plants in my neck of the woods and so many places had absolutely horrible looking baskets.  So on a whim, I stopped in and was amazed at his terrific prices.  Huge, lush baskets for 1/3 of the price I would pay anywhere else.  So happy I stopped in, and I have sent many friends his way also.

I also found this sweetie pie resting on a fence post yesterday and just had to take his pic.  Lots of robins in our part of the state.

I plan on having more yard & garden shots once everything is in place and things have fluffed out a bit more.
Mr. Bluebird thought I should show a picture of his new tv he bought for our pavilion today, because, well, he thinks it's incredible!  But, the blog isn't called "Mr. Bluebird 1959" and we aren't going to be passing off a tv as something pretty! Just sayin..................(but, I am happy for him and his new tv)!

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  1. You have a wonderful yard! Everything is so green here in Pa. too from all the rain we have had, love your hanging baskets so pretty!

  2. Wow Jane, your yard is beautiful! You have so many comfy seating areas and I love all your plants and flowers. Your hosta is huge. Your hanging basket is very pretty. I bet your glad you stopped by the nursery and I'm sure the owner really appreciates all the business you sent his way.

  3. Your garden looks beautiful Jane! I love how clean and pretty all the flowers are, thank you for the tour!

    1. Thanks bunches, Vel! Knowing what a beautiful yard you have, I am humbled by your kind words!!!

  4. I laughed about Mr Bluebirds tv. He must be real proud of it to want to show of on your blog. Your yard is simply beautiful! Janice

    1. Oh that Mr. Bluebird, you just never know with him! Lol!

  5. Everything is beautiful! Your petunias are so pretty. I just had to pull my petunias out because they are pooped. It's already getting hot here and the annuals are suffering.

    I love the view in your yard. :)

    1. Curse the hot weather (sometimes anyway! It really wreaks havoc on the flowers. We have had an unusually cool summer, so everything is gorgeous. Although last night we had some nasty storms come through, which also takes its toll on the annuals. Oh well, we keep trying!

  6. You have such an inviting backyard. I love all the sweet spots!