Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fellow Bloggers: Can You Help a Girl Out?

Hi everyone,

I have a blogging question and I know someone out there has the answer!

Edited 9/22/14:  Thanks everyone for all your great tips and patience!!! From your great advice, I was able to get my replies on track and know my answers/responses are going to my sweet readers.  Thanks so very much to all!!!!! J

It is about replying to comments on a post:

If I  reply to a comment on one of my posts, using the reply button - does the person who left the comment receive that in an email or would they actually have to come back to my post to see if there was any kind of response?

I have been replying this way and I am worried that my readers are not seeing my reply.  I don't want my readers to feel I don't value their visits - because I do!!!! So much.

Any one out there know the answer?  How do you reply to comments on your blog?

Many thanks,


  1. As far as I know, your readers can't see it if you reply thru the blog unless they go back and see the post again. Hence, usually reply thru the email comment I get that way I'm sure your getting your reply. Or if you want to post your reply, you can reply thru the email, then cut and paste it again on the reply in your blog. :-)

  2. Jane-IF you are hitting reply it should be going directly back to them. It doesn't show up in your comments below your post, right? You don't want to post a reply in your comment section because almost no one ever comes back there to check a reply. I get all my comments right through my email system (I rarely look at them on the blog itself) and I reply to them through my email. You can set your email system up to do it that way, too.

    Sometimes, the replies just go NOWHERE because people don't have a return email address attached to their name. I think that is a shame but some people just don't want to be bothered, I guess. I had someone recently specifically request that I NOT reply to any comments they left. I said okay- but I had always done it out of politeness and because I think that is how you form deeper friendships in the blog world.

    I "think" that answers your question---lol xo Diana

  3. Hi Jane! Ditto on what Vel and Diana said. If you respond in the comments section the only way the person will see it is if they stop back by or they check "notify me" to receive follow up comments on the posts.

  4. I did this when I first started blogging too. I thought it was a great way to do it, but then I figured out that the only way they would see it would be to come back and once you have read a post and commented on it, most don't come back. The only time I will leave one there now is when they have no e-mail listed or for some reason I can't get into their blog..Happy Thursday..Judy

  5. Yes, they are all right. At first I did not know how this work either until I left a comment with a blogger and she never returned a reply to me after asking a question. I went back to her site and saw that she did leave a comment. I don't think alot of bloggers know that they will not get a reply unless they subscribe to the comment if the owner of the blog only comments on their post. I always reply by email to all my commenters. I only reply on the page to those who are no reply. I sometimes wonder if they ever come back to read what I reply to them.

  6. I usually send an email back to whomever makes a comment. But there are those that come in as a no reply blooger, so I cannot email them back.